WIP: Curtain Painting

23 August, 2012

in Fabric, Textiles, & Sewing

These curtains are taking for-ever. Ran out of ink. Will have to finish tomorrow. Hoping I still like them when I'm done. #wip #diy #crafts


I haven’t made anything in a month. And somehow the first project I get into is painting curtains for my living room. And they are taking for-ever. Like, all of tomorrow will be needed.

I’m sure this means something, but I’m not with it enough to know yet.  Ha!

Ahh, crafts.  Such good therapy.

Much love to you all!

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MandyNo Gravatar

Hello there,
What kind of paint are you using for your curtains?


ElizabethNo Gravatar

I said painting because I’m using a brush, but it’s really screen printing ink. I’m trying to use what I have on hand.


pamNo Gravatar

Oh now – this looks very fun and is turning out to be beautiful! Can’t wait to see these curtains hung. You will be sharing – right?


ElizabethNo Gravatar

Yes, I will. :)


JodiNo Gravatar

Those will be stunning when finished! The biggest projects have the biggest payoffs. :)


ElizabethNo Gravatar

Thanks for the encouragement, Jodi! On panel 3 now….


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