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8 October, 2011

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What you give yourself to look at on dark rainy Mondays.

What you stare at on a rainy Monday morning…old wooden embroidery hoops you got for a song at a church tag sale and the wooden slab tealight holder. Made by your amazing woodworker/carpentry extraordinaire friend Dave, who runs Green Sahara Furniture in Morocco.  (Seriously, go look.)

Organizing yarn with a thrifty find #basket

Organizing yarn in a thriftily-found basket. (That looks WAY cooler than most thrift store baskets! How can we rescue all those bad ones, I keep asking myself?)

Trying my first bubble tea... #thaiforlunch

Finally trying bubble tea. And realizing that it’s not really tea. More of a fruit slushie with tapioca pearls in it.  (Honestly, I didn’t even know what the bubbles were going to be.)  Despite how many times I’ve heard it gushed about on the internets. And I realized why it’s served as sort of a dessert drink – wow, sugar city. All future bubble teas for this hypoglycemic girl to be shared with my always-hungry sons.  How to make your own bubble tea at A Beautiful Mess.

Big Tunisian Crochet, oh yes, oh yes

I can’t remember if I showed you this one? Big Tunisian Crochet, another sneak peek.  Pretty self-explanatory from the picture, but here’s my post on doing Tunisian Crochet without a special hook.

If I didn't have four already....

Passing up fun vintage thermoses at the thrift because I already have four.  Do you want some?

Waiting at the Dr. & stealing my sketch pad

Little man stealing my sketch pad while waiting at the Dr’s.  Sweet vintage reporter style memo pad here.

You don't have to tell me twice. :)

Thinking “you don’t have to tell me twice”. Very good marketing, no? Putting a personal note on chain leftovers.  Pizza Hut is on Twitter.  Stuff like this still cracks me up.

Remembered last min I'd said I'd help with popcorn for count day.

Remembering at the last minute one morning this week that I’d said I’d help ready the popcorn bags at the elementary.  How to make kettle corn.

The weather is absolutely amazing here in #grandrapids this week.

Enjoying the amazing autumn weather we are having. We’re further north than a lot of you, so even though it’s still warm the leaves are changing beautifully. More amazing fall color here.

Not the best day for the #fiestaware :(

Mourning the loss of some Fiestaware. Two separate incidents no less. Vintage Fiesta on Etsy here.

What about you?  Did you try anything new this week?  Are you trying to replace broken stuff?  Have you tried Tunisian Crochet yet, or organzied your yarn?  What are you up?






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MandyNo Gravatar

Lovely photos again.
What am I doing? Well, apart from knitting a shawl for later in the year, I have tidied my workroom. Sorting everything out, I found two small quilt tops I had forgotten all about. These are now waiting for further sashing to be added. The link with your own post? Well, both these small quilt tops are in autumnal (fall) colours.


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