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29 January, 2011

in Learning: Read, Watch, Listen

Food for a Dollar – a photography project by Jonathon Blaustein documenting what food he could find in northern New Mexico for a dollar. It’s both an honest and fascinating look at how globalism and economics shape our food choices and culture. via Etsy

Measuring the ROI of Free – This is a fantastic post that breaks down how to look at your blogging efforts in a very practical, hands-on way so that you can evaluate how your time and effort translates into value for you and others. Are you doing it for fun and sharing? Networking? Profit? Some of all three? This is the only post I’ve ever taken the time to retweet twice on Twitter. With all of the very philosophical and sometimes frustrating discussion of Free, if actually applied, this post would solve the problem for most casual bloggers. If applied, they could either rest easily in their casual blogging efforts or be more honest in a productive way about needing to grow their efforts to make a profit. This is a must read.

Christine Yvette Lewis on The Colbert Report this week. She’s a working nanny who advocates for fair labor standards for domestic workers. I’m so glad for people like her. These laws will not only support people who want to be nannies/housekeepers/gardeners. They will also help in the prosecution of those who are trafficking women and children in the name of domestic work. I love her personality, too – some great quotes in there.

Have a great weekend! Be back here on Monday for the Ugliest Crocheted Pot Holder In The World. ;)

And keep Tunisia and Egypt in your thoughts and prayers. See you Monday!

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