Ways to Blog – 5 Links to Get Your Brain Going and Stop Writer’s Block

23 August, 2010

in Creative Encouragement

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Hello, Dreamers and Doers!  How are you today?  This Monday’s post on creativity is going to look more like a Friday link list.  Over the past few weeks I’ve compiled links under the bookmark “Ways to Blog” that I thought might be helpful for you, too.  

Diane at CraftyPod does a great podcast discussing “Why Should You Plan Your Blog Posts Ahead?”  If you click on that link, there’s more great links in her show notes on other bloggers’ systems and calendars.

Marissa Bracke, who has fantastically named herself a Can-do-ologist, writes Figuring Out What to Write About When You Think You Have Nothing to Write About. This post takes you through recognizing all the great stuff you already know and how to bring it to the foreground again for people who could use your expertise.

Social Media Examiner’s post How to Write a Great Blog Post in Just 15 Minutes is what I used to write 5 way to Deal with Being Overwhelmed the other day and it was so helpful!  I wasn’t down to 15 minutes, but instead of taking half the morning (or all) to get something up for you, it took about 45 minutes.  As a learning blogger, I also found that working through the “how” helped spur more “what” ideas.

10 Travel Tips in 140 Characters or Less is a great title and such a great way to blog!  Flightster used crowdsourcing in such a lovely way, giving their readers something truly useful and also highlighting their great fans.  I look forward to doing this in the future – seems like so much fun!

“100+ SMB Blogging Ideas to Kick Start 2010″ is a useful for any topic,whether you are running a small business or not.  And despite the fact that we are way beyond kick starting 2010. ;)

I know there’s more out there, so if you have other great ideas or links, please share in the comments!  I’d like to do a Part II in the future.

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MarissaNo Gravatar

Great set of articles! No matter how much blogging I do, I always find new nuggets of inspiration and innovation from reading about other peoples' processes and suggestions. Thanks for including my post!


AndrewNo Gravatar

Great post! Thanks for the compilation. I'll enjoy clicking through these. This topic is where my head is at right now…


ElizabethNo Gravatar

Marissa – you are welcome. Thanks for stopping by!

Andrew – Thanks. :) Send what's in your head my way!! :)


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