Vintage: Stoneware Plates to the Rescue & a Color App

26 April, 2012

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Vintage Stoneware Plates

Happy Thursday, friend! How are you?

I’m feeling especially happy today as my brother, who works for the Army, is home from a dangerous place!! I’m sure there’s a lot I take for granted, but I try not to let the safety of my family and having my own 3 boys tucked into their beds at night be one of them.

Speaking of safety and little boys…my plates, however…are not safe around them. You all would cry if you knew how many of my Fiesta dishes they’ve broken in the last year. Like, a lot.  So many that I realized we couldn’t have friends over for dinner.  It’s the downside of them learning to work in the kitchen.

Some deliberation over current budget constraints and being reminded that only one setting of Fiestaware is $50 retail and $25 when it’s half-off led me back to one of our favorite routes, right?  Vintage to the rescue!

Vintage Stoneware Plates

I found these lovely stoneware dishes at a local new-to-me thrift store a few weeks ago. After I scoped out the place and noted the good vintage peeking out here and there, I went back a couple days later when they were having their 50% off Housewares sale.

Vintage Stoneware Plates

Happily for me, all the plates were still there. (Which also means that people in that area of town aren’t pillaging that store for vintage, yet.)  Three different stoneware sets from the late 70s/early 80s, all hand painted in Japan!

Vintage Stoneware Plates

All 16 dishes, about as many salad plates, and a serving dish all for less than one half-off Fiestaware set.  Vintage for the win!

Vintage Stoneware Plates

These are holding up well, with none broken.  Yet. But I figure these will be good while the boys are still young and have “dropsy” as we say.  I can keep an eye out at the thrift shops to fill in pieces here and there. The rest of the Fiesta is waiting safely in the basement to colorfully reappear at a later date.

Do you like the look? Here’s some vintage stoneware I found on Etsy in the same or similar patterns. SO cute!

Vintage Stoneware Plates

I also thought I’d show you the Sherman-Williams ColorSnap app I was playing around with yesterday. I hadn’t used it in awhile, but was reminded of why I liked it. It’s a quick way to make color palettes from things I already know I like. 

“Obstinate orange” made me laugh, loving orange as I do, and, ahem, being known for being stubborn at times.  I had to look up Saguaro – they’re the giant tree sized cacti in the American Southwest.

So, have you bought any vintage finds lately that saved you money or made your life easier? Do tell! I love hearing about fellow vintage-lovers thrifted scores!

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