Vintage Crafting: Annie’s Crochet Newsletter, Volume 8

4 October, 2012

in Crocheting & Knitting

Hello, friends! Look what’s cooking with crochet!  Haha!

But seriously, I’ve put some more of the vintage Annie’s Crochet Newsletter booklets in my vintage shop and thought I’d show you my favorite one so far.

Some of the things in these mags are cringe-inducing, but there’s also a ton that’s classic, or can be easily reworked for today’s sensibilities.

Because part of my heart is a 70′s hippie, I love this pillow just the way it is.

But what I think is so great about it is the texture and dimension that you don’t always get from crochet patterns that include words like ruffles and ripples. This would look just as great in a solid cream, or fun in a rainbow, or super girly (if you must) in lots of pinks. 

Who wouldn’t want to squeeze that or crush their head on it once in a while?

I don’t always get into stuffies and softies and amigurumi, but these are super cute! And I’ve seen ice cream things around more lately, especially with the popularity of this Debbie Carlos Perfect Twist print.

I think they’d make great Christmas ornaments.

They’d be easy to size up or down too, with different yarns and hooks, for making sweet little gift tags or even a novelty pillow.

This is just cute.  Period.

And with Halloween coming, I see the possibilities for a Little Red Riding Hood costume piece that lives a lot longer than most do to also have a practical use as a jacket and for dress up play.

And this is just pretty.

I’ve really come to appreciate crochet-on-crochet and subtleties and differences it allows.

I think it’s easy for a crochet purse to go wrong and quickly head toward the goofy category, but this seems classic.  Lovely, really.  I love the how the petals look like a pressed flower in a nature journal.

There are loads more photos of vintage crochet projects in my Vintage Mags set on Flickr, if your heart desires.

And this Annie’s Crochet booklet and more are in the Things Bright: Vintage shop.

Have fun!

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pamNo Gravatar

Still in the process of finding my “sensibilities” when it comes to crochet. So much of it i don’t care for – and finding more and more i adore! Like those two ice cream cones! OMG. I would totally love to make them and hang them on my tree!


ElizabethNo Gravatar

Crochet really is all over the place in America. 2 or 3 distinct time periods are what most people here associate with it. Looking at crochet out of Eastern Europe, Russia, and Japan really expands the mind as to what is can be and do, and how many other looks it can take on past bright granny squares and dainty doilies.

Glad you like the ice cream cones. :)


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