Turning My Grandma’s Tassel into a Necklace

3 October, 2012

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I made a tassel necklace the other day.

I don’t really know anything about jewelry making, but have a few supplies from that time my mom and I made bracelets.

I found this tassel in my jewelry box, and remembering all the lovely tassel necklaces I’ve seen lately, decided it needed to come out of hiding.

It’s from among my grandmother’s things.

I think it used to hang out of one of her many china cabinets or bureaus. She was a great collector and it’s her sensibilities I both love and fight.

I’ve always loved the old key and the color of green but didn’t really know what to do with it. I could have made the necklace more elaborate, but decided that by doing that, I’d never get around to getting it done. I simply added a ring to hang it on the chain, and put the clasp on the chain.

I love having a long tassel necklace and I love that it reminds me of my grandma every time I see it.

Have you made any crafts lately that gave you a lot of satisfaction compared to how quick they were to make?

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