Tunisian Crochet Ipod Cozy

26 October, 2011

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Hello and Happy Wednesday to you!

You are looking at a prototype for a cozy pattern I’m working on.  A couple weeks ago I happily found a bundle of very nice yarns while thrifting in my colors.  Meaning oranges and reds and greens, not the blues, creams, and pinks one often finds.  This is from a happy little skein of sock yarn.

I’m not one who has a hard time remembering where my inspiration comes from, and it’s often pretty straightforward. (I suspect this of other’s, too, we just don’t want to say it….)  I’m pretty sure this book cover and these cozies got married in my head.

Tunisian Crochet Ipod Cozy

I’ve had my phone for awhile, but no cover, so this cozy is a good thing.  I need to do a bit more work on getting this stitch to go straight, as it’s nature is to slant.  It looks more like a rhombus than a square when it’s being worked up, even after blocking sometimes.  You can tell if you look closely at the bottom right corner.

(Apologies to those who feel I’m insulting your intelligence with the rhombus link.  I double-checked the shape with my very-good-at-math 4th grader and heard, “No Mom, that’s a trapezoid.  You mean a rhombus.” Ha! )

How does “5 Tunisian Crochet Projects You Can Do With the Hooks You Already Have” sound?

‘Cause that’s what I’m working on.  5 projects, 5 different yarns.  I want to give you the chance to try Tunisian Crochet and see how easy it is.  I also want to show how different it can look, even if you are using the most basic stitches when you switch up the yarns, hook sizes, and context.

I’m also working on a pillow cover, rug, and a basket/bucket.  I haven’t finalized the last one yet.

Catching you up on some house projects tomorrow, namely, the pumpkin orange mirror, and postcard wall tomorrow….

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these projects and any questions or ideas that come to mind! Pretty please!

(I’d also love to hear something cheery/funny since I’m at home with 3 sick boys today.)

Edited to add:  Here’s a video for the stitch, called Gobelin stitch.


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pamNo Gravatar

I am saving this to send to diane when she returns from Austin/Houston because she is going to love it! She just learned the Tunesian Crochet – probably YOUR influence! She has been practicing with a sinfully gorgeous multicolored yarn and the results are stunning.

Thank you from both of us for the pattern!


ElizabethNo Gravatar

Sounds lovely! From what I remember, she already has a yummy orange cozy of her own in regular crochet.


AdaihaNo Gravatar

Very nice! The stitches totally remind me of needlepoint. I can’t wait to see the basket you’re working on. :)


JillNo Gravatar

LOVE this! Stylish, practical, and DIY. I’ll have to replace my sparkly case (with the falling off “jewels”) when the pattern’s ready.


ElizabethNo Gravatar

Thank you! That brings a big smile to my face. :D


Erin Fickert-RowlandNo Gravatar

Very cute! I love the color, and the big button! You are giving me the itch to try this crochet method myself! I can’t wait to see the projects you are working on!


ElizabethNo Gravatar

Yeah! I’m glad I’m beginning to woo people over to Tunisian Crochet. :) Your comments are just encouragement I need to keep going.


Susan HemannNo Gravatar

I have wanted to make an IPod case for a long time, maybe you can show me how to make it!!


Tracy JohnsonNo Gravatar

I would love to order a back copy or purchase the pattern for the Tunisian scarf featured in your September 2011 magazine. It is stunning!


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