Spotted while Thrifting: Cute & Kitschy Vintage Plastic Canvas for Christmas

16 December, 2011

in Christmas

Plastic Canvas Christmas House

Hello! Friday! Where did the week go? Did you know my kids have all next week off? Somehow I did not realize this until yesterday. I thought I had a couple more days to squeeze things in on my own. Oh well, Christmas adventures sooner, yeah?

Today we’re taking a field trip through a couple recent thrift store jaunts, which this time of year includes a lot of Christmas in plastic canvas.  Like a gingerbread box…

Plastic Canvas Christmas House.

..complete with a pie in the window…

Plastic Canvas Christmas House

…very cute, no?  I almost thing I need to go back and get it.  Oh, but if I bought every cute, kitschy vintage Christmas craft I saw…

Plastic Canvas Doorhanger

This one reminds me of my Grandma.  She loves cardinals.

Plastic Canvas Christmas

And can you tell me what these are?

They are too small to be placemats but too big to be coasters. They are about the size of a half page and looked really well done.  What are they?  Wall hangings?

Plastic Canvas Wall Hanging

Speaking of wall hangings….

Plastic Canvas Christmas Angel

So…not my “style” per se, but I thought the plastic canvas lace on this angel was pretty clever.  I mean, who knew you could make lace with plastic canvas? (Also, I think I’ve been on Twitter too much today because I wanted to tag that sentance #notme.  Yeah.)

Plastic Canvas Christmas Angel

Here’s another one.  With a rather 2D looking Baby Jesus…who looks like He’s laying in…a wreath?

Let it Snow

And then the picture. Which is almost cute. Almost. They and the snowman need mouths, methinks.

I have some more vintage Christmas crafty-thrifty goodness for you next week…including a bearded man! ‘Tis true!

Off to get some plans in order for next week!


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geek+nerdNo Gravatar

Sister Diane is going to be all over this post! That gingerbread house! Wowza!


ElizabethNo Gravatar

Yes, I almost dedicated it outright to her! ;) And the gingerbread house – I resisted it the first time, but now that I’ve done the post I keep thinking I need to go back and rescue it!


VanNo Gravatar

I love these! Nice collection, and they are so colorful. Cute, bright blog you have here. I’ll be back to read more :)


ElizabethNo Gravatar

Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment! And thanks for the compliment on my blog. :) I look forward to checking out yours too.


pamNo Gravatar

You and Diane must be soul mates! She loves pc. LOVES it! She has been so buried, I am sending a link to this in case she missed it. OMG those angels! THOSE ANGELS! I know she will love them. And the gingerbread house! My tree is blessed to have several of Diane’s pc ornaments – some I have been allowed to share and some not.

I have to admit I am not into pc at all. But I can appreciate excellent workmanship when I see it!


ElizabethNo Gravatar

She did see it. And loved the angels. ;) I must confess, I would not even notice it if it weren’t for her. It’s not really my thing either, but like you, I appreciate the time and craftiness. I keep looking at it, wondering how to make it work for now? It was definitely a thing for awhile because during holidays, the thrifts fill up with it!


Alisa HidegNo Gravatar

I have been inspired! I want to help our refugee outreach/employment/support thrift store (my friends started it) to have a craft night at the store using supplies that are upcycled from the store! Refugees and others from the community could come, learn, and give crafts back to the store to be sold! So excited!


Linda FerrarioNo Gravatar

How do I purchase the pattern for the plastic canvas gingerbread house. I used to have the pattern many years ago but must have let someone borrow it. O well, thanks for your help. Linda


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