Sketching: Wildflower Leaves

14 May, 2012

in Art & Art Journaling

Art Journaling

Hello, my friend! How’s May treating you?

Still lots of leaves and greenery around here. This is another shot of the 25 Wildflower Leaves I did.  It was a different exercise – one normally draws the flowers, but good for noticing more.  I’ve have this slim volume of Peterson’s First Guides since my mom gave it to me in junior high and just love it.  Though I need to get the bigger volume.

Art Journaling

Last week I went to TEDx Grand Rapids which I will probably tell you about at some point, but it’s all still swirling around in my head. I’m going to get my 3rd block print design finished this week along with some other crafty odds and ends.

What are you making? Is anyone switching their predominate craft because of seasonal changes? Tell me in the comments, won’t you?

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pamNo Gravatar

What am I making? You will never guess!

Diane just taught me Tunisian crochet – the simple stitch to start and I am hooked!! Not sure where I am going with it – but for the very first time ever I am just satisfied to do it with no end product in mind!! That’s a first! Me – swatching!

So thank you for inspiring and teaching Diane in the first place!

Hummmm…. interesting question – switching up crafts with the season. The crafts made for the blog – definitely seasonally based. But my personal projects – never season based. It is like i live in two worlds and right now, for the first time in three years, my personal world is wanting attention!!!


ElizabethNo Gravatar

Ack! I’m so excited!! That is so cool!! There is SO much to experiment with Tunisian crochet. I’m not one for making swatches for projects, either, but I do have little bits or yarn/rope/string in various TC stitches laying around “just to see what it looks like.”

You are most welcome for the inspiration. :)

Keep giving your world personal attention – we’ll still be here when you “get back”. ;)


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