Sketching Wildflower Leaves and Catching Up

11 April, 2012

in Art & Art Journaling

Sketching wildflower leaves this morning.


Sorry for the extended absence. I meant to be back Monday, but of course getting over Spring Break and back into the swing of things always takes longer than anticipated. I’m working on a bunch of good stuff, including working on more blog posts ahead of time and having a more cohesive framework to some things around here. So the working to be better overall is sorta killing the now.

I did get back into the swing of things this morning, though. I have lots of design ideas I need to get out of my head, so I challenged myself to sketch 25 leaves. There’s a peek at what I did earlier. I found them thumbing though a basic wildflower book I’ve had since high school.Β  I also sat and wrote for an hour.

An hour sketching.

An hour drawing.

Before I ever got on the computer or phone.

So good!

Working toward more of this healthiness.

I’m going to excuse myself until my little “Into the Woods” reminder on Friday so I can catch up on all the goodness that needs to be shared. I know I still have promised crochet, fabric designs, and art journaling to show you. I haven’t forgotten.

I hope your April is going well!

Oh, and one more thing….

One of the specific areas I’m working on is making my Anti-Trafficking Tuesdays posts more cohesive, and useful.

I would dearly love your thoughts on what you would like to see there, what you want to know, or what you might find helpful.

More longer thought pieces exploring aspects of the issue? Short “go see this video/go read this article” posts? Something else you’ve thought of? I have some ideas, but if you have something you want to share, I’d really love to hear it!

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