Saturday Morning Reading: Knitting

11 December, 2010

in Learning: Read, Watch, Listen

Do you knit?  I barely do, but every time I see a cute pattern I think, “I really should learn to knit better.” And then I think, 

“But then I would fall in love with Ravelry. And I barely have the time to keep up with my ideas now.”  

I think my head would explode to add that much more crafty goodness inside. ;)  The two patterns that make me think this today:

Very Cozy-Looking Fingerless Gloves at CraftyPod.

Wee Jack Frost  on Petit Purls so sweet and a great story, too!

So, do you knit?  What do you make?  Have a great Saturday!

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SisterDGNo Gravatar

I would love to be a knitter, but will probably never have the patience to learn. Every couple years I make another attempt, mess up, and put the needles away again.

Besides, I can barely keep up with my crochet jones as it is. Four WIP's and counting! :-)


ElizabethNo Gravatar

Diane – My 8 yr. old is getting into Harry Potter. I think the Potter Ravelry groups may be what finally reels me in….


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