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30 January, 2012

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Textiles Spotted Whilte ThriftingTextiles spotted thrifting.

Hello, my friend! I’m trying a new thing! Putting favorite links in a draft throughout the month to post as a reading roundup at the end of the month.

I’ve tried this weekly, but find it too much work.  And I have too many other things to share to give a day to this every week!

Anyway, this is in no way comprehensive, as I share links on Twitter and Pinterest constantly. But these are the ones that made me think, “Ooh, I really want to put this on my blog and show everybody!” Plus, with so many of us being more intentional about our online reading, this will help me bring you the cream of my crop rather than everything coming down the pipe.

I hope you find some gems in here for yourself!

Vintage Fabrics & DoilyVintage Fabrics and Doily that have come home with me.

Allendale Man Crochets Every Time He Sits Down Jennifer told me this story in person and I totally teared up.  There’s a follow up with a sweet photo on Jennifer’s blog here.

Stacks of Pancakes! – World’s Best Potholder fabric??

What Happens When You Give Thousands of Kids Stickers  Perfect.  Go see.

Simple Thoughts about Fair Use: Good, basic reminders.

Bubbles and Mirriors at the Children's MuseumBubbles and Mirrors at the Children’s Museum

Thoughts on Parenting By Yourself  I love this post and think it’s just great advice on many levels, whether you’re in Rachel’s military situation or not.  Really, it boils down to practically assessing the season of life you’re in and giving yourself permission to ask for help and plan accordingly.  And then doing it.

One Way to Use Up Leftover Thread  I’m not the only one making colorful triangles with their leftover bits!

As an art lover, a thrift lover, and a haven’t-been-to-Paris yet dreamer, I loved these photos of art from the Parisian flea markets.

I love, love, love looking at Christmas ornaments, so Laura’s post on some of her’s was a joy.

Cross-stitchingCross-stitching I’ve done lately

I really loved this look into a shoe repairer’s shop in Chile.

I sometimes feel like an oddity because I don’t usually get into peeks at most people’s craft rooms. There’s not that much to learn from a room full of white cubbies full of every-color-in-the-world of that particular crafter’s media.  They start to look more like craft stores than work rooms, or worse, museums full of the latest hip craft/design materials and magazines. Did I just say all that out loud?  Yes I did.  So I loved seeing this real workroom, used by a man for decades to just…get the work done.

Probably because that’s what this year is all about for me…to just get the work done. :)


p.s. A late addition, Jane Brocket’s Sensory Balance about enjoying all the good things in life will give you a great zest for life this fine Monday morning!

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