Reading: April’s Favorite Links on Creativity and Craftsmanship, Not Procrastinating, Work that Matters, and Using Social Media Well

30 April, 2012

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"do you like my vignette, honey?" "uhh, I've never seen a thermos vignette before...." Haha! #vintage

Hello! Here’s the links I’m loving this month!

Though sometimes annoying, I’ve found this a really helpful exercise in really getting value and meaning out the many, many links and posts I read. Compiling a list for you throughout the month and then going back, rereading the links, and whittling them down to my best favorites is quite the process. But so worth while.

Favorites are supposed to be the creme de la creme, right?

And I guess I should also note that these are mostly links outside the craft community. Twitter and Pinterest see a steady stream of what I’m liking in that realm and my favorites weave their way into my other posts or the Bright Things series. These are the links I’m reading everywhere else that are helping me grow, or grow my business.

And the ones from this month are SO GOOD! Please set aside time for yourself to peruse them. I have a feeling a lot of you fellow makers and creatives will really resonate with these posts on creative life, getting the work done without procrastinating, and valuing the people in your life.

On Learning About How You’re Made and Who You Are

The Top 5 Reasons to Be a Jack of All Trades

I like a lot of things. Many, many things. I wish I had read this article years ago.

One Is Not Enough: Why Creative People Need Multiple Outlets

Like the Jack of All Trades post, sometimes you read something and you think, “Yes. That’s it. This is me in a nutshell.” And you feel understood. Validated. Relaxed. If anyone ever wrote a book on me, a variation of this post would fill a chapter nicely.

Now, I’m one of those people that think everyone is creative. But there are some of us who really have the compulsion to work it out visually, on paper or making things with our hands. Or we don’t feel like ourselves otherwise. This puts the value of our constant tinkering nicely.

Plus, “I try to contain my work to sketchbooks, but I’ll settle for scrap paper, napkins, or paper cups. I doom a lot of objects to a decorative demise” made me laugh out loud!

The Craftsman’s Creed: Are You A Craftsman?

I read the first part of this post happy to find a business blog/book speaking my language – that of craft. It made me like the site even more and I also found it amusing, reading the language of craft outside of the crafty sphere. But then I got to the Craftman’s Creed – WOW. It’s so good. You must go read it. Definitely something you should print out and hang up in your studio or next to your desk!

Weaving spotted at the vintage shop.

So You Can Do The Work. The Work That Matters

Get To Work By Meeting Procrastination Head-On

“Clutter is procrastination, so deal with it” This subtitle and it’s following paragraph are really the part of the post that stood out to me. I’m struggling staying on top of clutter right now and it’s so true – it’s from delaying decisions. Which leads me to….

Decide Early and Often

I’m going to post this one on my fridge and my bathroom mirror. Maybe a screen saver somewhere, too. It needs to become a mantra. I also liked the practical advice to write down and set aside time for the more difficult decisions. I think that honors their importance and helps define them from the million-and-one small decisions we make everyday.

Work on Stuff that Matters: First Principles

This article is quite meaty and upon first read through, has a lot of good things to ponder in it. I don’t have a lot to say here but that I found the first read so thought-provoking that I actually printed it out to read and highlight/note take with later.

Wishing I was in the market. #thrifting #vintage

Because, Really, It’s the People Who Matter

How to Practice the Art of Acknowledgment

Reminders to express gratitude can never happen too much, I don’t think.  This post is framed mostly in the arena of work, but it applies anywhere.  The reminder that we even forget basic acknowledgment was a good one.  Even saying to people before the project/work/job is complete “I see the work you’re doing and I just wanted you to know I noticed” – so powerful!!

How often in our current commuting and highly individualistic culture do people spend their days around other people but feeling completely unnoticed?  I want to practice this so much more.  I don’t want anyone around me to ever feel invisible.

For what it’s worth, this is why as a blog reader and a blog writer I never demean the short comment.  The person who takes the 30 seconds to write “Such a cute project!” and type in all those weird code numbers & letters is practicing the art of acknowledgment and shouldn’t be demeaned for not writing some fabulous, thought-provoking comment.  In an arena of takers on the internet, they are at least taking the time to say “I see you.  I see the work you put into this post.  I was here.  And I liked it.”  That goes a long way with me when people write them.  And I continue to write them myself, even when pressed for time.  Basic acknowledgment of a good thing received should never be looked down upon.  Especially in a time when people either are or feel busy.

Is Social Media Making You a Lazy Communicator?

People.  People.  People.  It’s always about the relationships we have with each other and not the tools.  As above, who do we appreciate and acknowledge?  How can we take these feelings and the relationships one step further to deepen and strengthen them?  Ultimately, doing work that matters matters because the people do.  This is another excellent post I’d consider taping on my wall for awhile.  And it dovetails nicely with Diane’s recent posts on having a healthy online diet and how we think about new tools like Google+.

I hope you find these posts as helpful as I have!  Let me know if anything in particular sticks out to you.  I’d love to chat.  And go say so on their post to – it’s on my list to Things to Do today.


p.s. Photos my own from my house and recent thrifty jaunts.


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Erin Fickert-RowlandNo Gravatar

Wow- I could use a good dose of all of this! I will remember to set aside some time with my coffee this week and read all of your favorite links! It’s awesome that you took the time to compile this!


ElizabethNo Gravatar

You are welcome! Come back and tell me what you think! :)


pamNo Gravatar

Thank you for all your effort in putting this together. As a maker of the occasional link post – I know there is no small amount of time expended here!

And given that i tend to be a person who rarely strays outside the world of craft – and my reader – I do appreciate all the outside world that you bring into my awareness.

Considering the crazy places my mind has been these past couple weeks, finding this series is hugely helpful right now.

So once again, thank you!


ElizabethNo Gravatar

You are the one who taught me to print stuff out so it doesn’t get lost in my online world, so thank you. :)


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