Potholder Weaving and Loom Sourcing

7 June, 2012

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So, the other day when we dug out the kid weaving and basket kits, I found the potholder looms, too.  Believe it or not, this is only the second woven potholder I’ve ever made.  Joe didn’t believe me, but it’s true.

And remember The Estate Sale?  Don’t hate, but this vintage metal loom, some old loops, and some pieces for a plastic loom all came in this 10 cent box.  Yes, 10 cents.  (It was also the box that sweet little Dala horse was tucked in!)  As those of you who have been around awhile will know, I was really quite serious when I said you’d be hearing about that sale for a long, long time!

Knowing quite well that we don’t always luck out on the supplies we’re scouting for, should you want some, I found both vintage metal and plastic looms on Etsy.

I’m very inspired by these colorful potholders by Taramade and would love to make some similar ones!

And as always, Youtube is your best friend for lots of instruction or reminders on the basics of potholder weaving.

And last but certainly not least, my friend Jennifer has gorgeous new wooden looms over at the CraftSanity shop.

She has recently taken potholder looming to new levels and built a potholder woven house!! Really, go look!  So cute.  Would that be the sweetest reading nook?

And when I was digging into her videos I found her tutorial on how to make T-shirt loopers! You would not believe how geekily excited I got about this! I love learning about how to make the thing behind the thing, you know what I mean? Or how to thriftily source every bit of my materials, so as not to waste stuff. I was watching the video, wondering how in the world if all worked without lots of sewing machine time and the “Oooohh, ah-ha!” as she neared the cutting trick was a revelation!  And so easy.

Jennifer also has a CraftSanity video on weaving with the wooden looms and specifically on weaving with the t-shirt loopers.

This has all added t-shirt loop making to my summer and potholder sessions with the boys for gifts.

What are you adding this summer?

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pamNo Gravatar

Wow! A whole house made from potholders! Loved the rugs very much. And this is well in the reach of most children. Great summer project.

Thas sure must have been some box you found.


ElizabethNo Gravatar

Yes, love the woven house. And it’s the Estate Sale that keeps on giving…. :)


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