Partly Cloudy

16 August, 2012

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Someone takes a lot of #cloud photos when she #travels.

Someone takes a lot of cloud photos when she travels.  “Partly cloudy” takes on a whole new ring from above.

That same someone is so enamored with clouds now and the dreamy possibilities they represent that she wants to buy this dress, name it “The Window Seat” dress, and wear it for all air travel from here on out. It’s perfect, right?

cloud of colour

And very rarely do I ever want to copy exactly someone’s work, but I might have an art journaling page with kraft paper, white tissue paper, and magazine bits in my future. Cloud of Colour by Emma Dajska.

Anybody else have a theme or motif they’ve newly fallen in love with?

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Erin Fickert-RowlandNo Gravatar

Wonderful photo collage of your travels? And that dress…. oh, my, gorgeous! I look forward to seeing how clouds inspire you!


ElizabethNo Gravatar

Thank you! Yes, that’s a screenshot of my iphone camera album – incredible what a phone can do out a plane window these days!


pamNo Gravatar

That cloud collage is just simply heavenly! Beautiful! Breathtaking! And it makes me happy just looking at it! Thank you!


ElizabethNo Gravatar

You are welcome. :)


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