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8 March, 2012

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Hello, friend!

I’ve been trying my hand at Etsy Treasuries. And Then I Said, “Let’s Redecorate the Living Room!” one’s my favorite because, well…I really would redecorate my living room this way!

16 is quite a few images, as I typically get stuck around 10, but I’m learning. This Mustard Madness one is by Stephanie Thompson and showcases the vintage doily mugs in my shop!

May Your Bobbin Always Be Full! was made just to go with the Singer Instruction Manual I picked up just because I liked the cover so much!

I also made a Vintage Knitting and Crochet Supplies treasury, but I think I told you about that one.

It seems like a good way to gain some visibility on Etsy and right now it’s creative fun, so I’ll probably keep doing them for awhile. I jotted down an idea list for them the other day so I could work on them in my down moments and not get sucked into Etsy all day, as that would be counter-productive.

I also wanted to let you know about Pam at Gingerbread Snowflakes post about me. It was so lovely! She did a whole month, thanking her favorite bloggers and online friends – how cool is that? It’s fun to see what other people pick up on from your body of work, you know?

Diane also mentioned me in her Supporting Free post for February. Receiving those wooden embroidery bits really did make my week and I can’t wait to show you them when they’re done! I really liked that I got to be a part of her Supporting Free efforts, too. Such a great conversation. As is her continuing of the online diet discussion and how to best balance our amazing digital tools and hands-on creative time.

And one more thing: I’m still having a ton of fun on Instagram and am ThingsBright on there, too. If you don’t have it, but want more photos to oogle at, check out Gramfeed.

That’s all for now. It’s been a good week. Tomorrow I’ll show you some art I made for our house and then it’s Into the Woods for the weekend already!

Happy Thursday!!

p.s. I’m going to see God Grew Tired of Us tonight with one of my older sons. Have you seen it?

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