On the 3rd Day of Christmas….

27 December, 2011

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Buckeyes, ready to be chilled then dipped in chocolate.

Merry, merry Third Day of Christmas!!

And how was your first one? Or are you still working your way to Epiphany?

On this Third Day of Christmas your true blogger gives to you…Christmasy links I never go to! (Sing it, it works.)  (I know. I’m a dork.)

I figured that I cannot be the only one still in the throes of family celebrations with all the different branches and sides, still making stuff for the next round of people, and still wanting to enjoy all the cheer and jolly.

I’m also working on a massive year-end roundup of links of all the things I bookmarked “blog” and never go to. I am resolved to enter the new year digitally cleaned out! Or at least massively pared down. This will also explain the rather random links on Twitter and pinning on Pinterest you may have (but probably not) noticed in the last week or so.

The New Year will be full of many good new things and I don’t want an overwhelming backlog.  (Isn’t exciting to think about what we haven’t seen, yet?!)

Plus, as I may have said before, the advent of Pinterest has rescued many a good-but-forgotten bookmark for me. It’s 100x faster to scan your pin boards to remind yourself of links or hunt for a specific one than guess at what all those urls in bookmarks lead to!  So I’m in the process of transferring most over there.

Without further ado…some Christmas link love….

Ready to dip!

These Glitter Ball Ornaments by Tricia Barber are SO glittery as promised, and colorful, and bright, and rock my socks off!

Holiday Campaign – Fly As soon as you click here you will see why I like this! One of my favorite blogs for bright color and style shows off some of my favorite marketing by Kate Spade.

Free Christmas mini Nuno Magazine full of green wrapping ideas & styling.  I have bought their other 2 magazines and loved them and the concept & still need to write about them.  Get a taste with this free one!

The Spirit of Dickens Past, Present, and Yet to Come at Mosaic Synapse  Pam kindly mentioned the Merry & Bright series which was an unexpected bonus at the end, but before I ever got that far, I was loving her discussion of my family’s beloved favorite, A Christmas Carol, and it’s very real themes that continue to resonate in our present world.


2011 gift guides: skip the stores, use your hands | Design*Sponge SUCH a thoughtful post with many great ideas.  I found it both incredibly heartwarming and creative.

Hammers and High Heels: Bachman’s 2011 Holiday Idea House: The Elegance of Winter  Anyone who looks at this will know it’s not my style, but I don’t look at things like that.  (All that white leaves me itchy to “just add a bit of color here” and all that crystal leaves me wanting to add some folksy beads to the mix just for fun) But the sheer amount of creative ideas and decor is mind-boggling.  Take your time to look through all those pictures, enjoy the beauty, and think about how you could translate those ideas to your own style.

Tips to avoid disaster when making crafty Christmas gifts | MLive.com  Wise words from Jennifer of CraftSanity.

Christmas at the Door « pinksuedeshoe This post made me cry.  I have known just how she feels and going to cut down our tree every year at the farm is one of my most beloved traditions.  Read the whole thing.  It goes perfectly with the Kindness of Strangers post, but I had not read it in time to mention it.

Buckeyes finished! With nary a casualty. ;)

I’m also working on a Favorites of 2011 post with links/images/crafts I can’t get out of my head and mulling over New Year’s Resolutions and January’s goals.

It’s a bit of a trick this week, being very excited and geared up to try new things for the business and in craft with the mind in overdrive, but also needing and wanting to spend good amounts of slow time, just enjoying the season with the boys and family.

Where are you at this week?  How are you doing?  And any favorite links and photos you can’t get out of your head?  Are you resting and feasting and merrymaking?  Planning and working and dreaming big things?  Trying to do both?  Please tell me in the comments!


p.s.  Making Buckeyes.  Not the fanciest looking ones, but according to Brodie there were 183!


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Pam ElmoreNo Gravatar

Thanks for the link, Elizabeth! And those buckeyes look amazing — they wouldn’t last long at my house! :)


ElizabethNo Gravatar

Pam, you’re welcome. The article and your discussion were great! And even 183? I’m not a huge peanut butter person, so they are mainly for Joe and the boys. :) I still need to make my turtle brownies. :)


Pam ElmoreNo Gravatar

If you are what you eat, Matt is peanut butter, carrots, apples, and chocolate. :) And buckeyes made by someone else would allow me to be in denial on the paraffin issue.

The turtle brownies sound great too.


Pam ElmoreNo Gravatar

Those two comments sound like I’m angling for some sweets — I promise I’m not! That’s the last thing we need more of over here…


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