My Postcard Wall & Wall Collage Tips

28 October, 2011

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Postcard Wall

Hello and Happy Friday!! *loud cheers, clapping*

This is one of those weeks where I am so glad to be hitting the home stretch, friends.  And also happy to be showing you my postcard wall!

Or walls, as the case may be.  I have long loved images like this and this and this.  And I’ve also been wondering for ages what I should do with my old postcard collection.

Postcard Wall

If you were to head to my Favorite Places & Spaces board on Pinterest, you’d notice that stuff all over the wall is a pretty clear theme.

Postcard Wall

I even found two more getting this post ready….

Postcard Wall

I’m very happy with how it worked out. This project used something I already had & wanted to enjoy. It’s out of the main walkway, but still in a regularly visited spot to amuse and please both family and visitors.

And it’s really high impact and engaging while you’re in the restroom, but then you can shut the door on all that mind and memory explosion.

Postcard Wall

And my kids love it. They are learning a lot and each have their favorites.

It’s a project that took longer than I expected, but after giving it one good afternoon, I’ve mostly finished by sneaking in for 10 or 15 minutes on other days to add a few more. It’s a no-brainer craft, but such sentimental fun!

Postcard Wall

Have you been thinking about doing a collage wall, too?  Here’s some tips you may find helpful….

Wall Collage Tips:

1. Give strong consideration to your family and its lifestyle.

I have 3 grade school boys. This means 2 things: The collage wall wasn’t going in the entry hallway, though that would’ve been cool because the postcards would get too roughed up and knocked off a lot. It also means that the postcards went on the wall in front of the toilet, not behind it. 3 little boys, remember?

2. Think about the paper itself and how you will eventually want to remove it.

I used blue sticky tack on my postcards because it’s cheap, easy, and won’t ruin them like tape might. If I were collaging a wall with old sheet music, or book pages, I’d be more likely to paste them in some way.  I’d want a flat, overlapping collage, whereas the postcards can stand on their own.  Also, with the postcards, I don’t mind if someone wants to peel one off to take a peek and see who sent it or what they said. That’s part of the fun. This might be important for photos, too, if you were putting names and dates on the back of them.

3. How can you use what you already have?

My initial thought was to print out a bunch of favorite photos. Being the always-up-the-ante idea person that I am, this turned into a time-intensive treasure hunt for my favorites, maybe some photo editing, and uploading/buying them all. When I realized I had created “a project” for myself, I also realized that my project times and budgets were already maxed out. Which caused me to remember my jr. high & HS collection of postcards.

Old piano or instrument books, paperback murder mysteries, that Encyclopedia Brittanica set which Google & Wiki killed, foreign language dictionaries from HS and college.  Do you have a collection of playbills and ticket stubs?  You get the idea.  If you have your heart set on a theme, like sheet music, but don’t have any, head to your nearest thrift store with the best book section. Mine is full of all of these.

4. Decide how detail oriented to be ahead of time.

I organized my postcards by place or region and then hung them up loosely based on that, changing things here and there to make the puzzle fit. I also hung my favorites and ones I’d knew the boys would like at eye level. Do yourself a favor and don’t get too perfectionistic here. I mean it.

I rarely do decor posts, especially a bathroom sneak peek, but I hope you’ve enjoyed it!  And if you’re like me, and have always had a wall collage on your to-do back burner, I hope this inspires you to try it!

So, do tell.  Do you have any collage walls?  Did you do the magazine tear pages in HS?  What would you collage?

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chantalNo Gravatar

I love your collage walls!

I want to do some sort of fabric collage wall, I’d seen one in a blog post years ago and it was so cool. I’m just waiting until we are not in a rental.

And, yes, I did have clippings all over my teen aged bedroom walls! They were mostly of River Pheonix and Morrissey. Ha ha.


ElizabethNo Gravatar

Chantal, thank you! That fabric collage wall sounds amazing!!


PamNo Gravatar

What a great room!

You must love the bathrooms at the Electric Cheetah…


ElizabethNo Gravatar

You know, I’ve never been there, but I’ll have to go for sure, now!!


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