My First Cross Stitch & Listening: Craftypod 2.0

22 November, 2011

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My First Cross Stitch

Happy Tuesday! Extra happy if you’re a little and get off school tomorrow like my boys!

Above is the very first cross stitch I ever did. My dad’s mom, my Grandma Rogers taught me how when I was in 3rd grade.   The same left-handed Grandmother who taught me how to crochet 20 years later.  Looking at this date, and seeing that it’s 6 days after my 9th birthday, I realize she probably taught me this when she came to help take care of us after my youngest brother was born.

Elsie Cross Stitch

If you weren’t around when I mentioned it before, Elsie is my nickname and what everyone called me until I went to jr. high and become “Elizabeth, yes the whole name.” My family and friends from elementary days still call me Elsie.  (I don’t need it, but I really want this belt.)

Cross Stitch Date 1985

I’m also realizing, looking at the date, that I own a piece of almost-vintage hand-stitching. By my own hand. Yeah. I mean, it’s emblazoned in red, right on there, original hoop and all. Haha!

Elsie Cross Stitch

I found this in a pile of “things to photography for the blog someday” and after listening to a podcast on stitchery, it really grabbed my eye.

Because Diane over at Craftypod is podcasting again! Yay!

Some of you probably already know, but if you don’t, she is! And if you haven’t listened to it before, but love crafty things and conversations on creativity and selling handmade, this is the show for you!

And only $1 a podcast! 

Less than the pack of gum I bought today.

I will tell you, slightly sheepishly, that I listen to each podcast multiple times.

So, yeah…way more value than a pack of gum.

There is so much to mine there! So many good things to learn. So many great quotes from her guests. And as an easily-distracted, work-at-home mama, they help me focus and keep me company during tasks like photo editing, easy crochet, and house cleaning.

The latest podcast totally moved a couple projects up the ranks on my already-dreamed-about 2012 crafty goals. Stitchery is a medium with endless possibilities!

I enjoyed the first set of Craftypod podcasts and have really felt like Diane is hitting it out of the park with the four podcasts she’s done of version 2.0. Such quality guests and conversations!  Multiple income streams for crafters, finding your creative mission, the real work of an art career, and the irreverent stitchery one

I’m telling you, food for the crafty soul!

Go load up on good creative listening for the long holiday weekend coming up!


p.s. I think I made a corresponding cross-stitch for my cousin, just like mine, only with “Cara” in the name place. I’m pretty sure these are the only 2 cross-stitch pieces I have ever done. So, rare & priceless. ;)

p.p.s. Diane is a friend now, but this post is not biased by that, but by her awesomeness.

p.p.p.s  I just wanted to write p.p.p.s..  That’s all.

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Sister DianeNo Gravatar

p.p.p.p.s You are so awesome! Thank you for this glowing write-up of the show. May I quote you?


ElizabethNo Gravatar

You are most welcome! You deserve every bit of it and more. And of course you can quote me. :)


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