My Fall Wreath & Reading: Lots and Lots of Link Love

14 November, 2011

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My Fall Wreath. Burlap & crochet flowers/leaves.

Happy Monday! How are you doing?

That’s my fall wreath up there – made just in time to exchange for the Christmas wreath in a couple weeks! If I have time, I”ll try to get a better shot. It’s a foam wreath picked up from the thrift wrapped in dark brown burlap (leftover from a Yoda costume) and some crochet flowers and leaves that I had.  With the way things are going, it will be the Christmas wreath before I get time to take a proper shot!


Every week/month I resolve to share a link list with you. Before I started blogging they seemed like they’d be the easiest post a blogger could do. But I always found them the hardest. All that cutting and pasting. I’d end up in crazy, messy editing nightmares.

And then I finally realized that I could right-click “Copy” in my bookmark window and when I pasted it into my post, it was automatically linked up. Who knew?! Probably you.

Amazing how long it can take to figure out a little thing. Amazing how much it really is the little things that make us happy.

So, between finally being able to cut and paste like a grown up, and really wanting to share good things with you, I’ll hopefully find a better rhythm for linky posts. Maybe every other week?  I hope you find some goodness in here!


The 10 best street art works – in pictures | Culture | The Observer

  • I have a particular fondness for multi-colored text, so I loved this street art and it’s sentiment:


Seth Godin & Tom Peters on Blogging

  • Blogging is many things to many people. When you do it on a regular basis it’s always good to keep thinking through what you do and why you do it. Greatly thought-provoking is just 1:30 minutes!

BBC News – Social networking in its oldest form

  • A story about a man who sends out messages in a bottle everyday & gets mail back from all over the world. I loved mail, and I love connecting, so I loved this story. I really wished they’d dug into why he started and what some of the connection he’s made are. It really hits at our drive to connect, yes? To remind ourselves that we’re not alone.


julia crossland ~ artist: How to Crochet Sea Pennies

  • This circle penny blanket may make it onto my 2012 list:

5 Prisons that Offer Crochet Programs — Crochet Concupiscence

  • I’d not heard of this before and think it’s fabulous!


Miss Moss : Carven’s Technicolour Dream Dresses (and shoes and bags)

  • It’s like Carven made clothes from dreams I wasn’t cool enough to have yet:

Gudrun  Sjoden’s Blouses and Waistcoats

  • These tunics read like <a href=””>Boden’s</a> somewhat artsy, hippie sister to me. Which is a great thing:


angry chicken: thrilling and delicious

  • Easiest Recipe Ever? I can’t wait to try some of these Dutch Babies!


Mary & Patch: Hello Quilters!

  • The intricacy of the color study on this quilt in progress blows my mind:

The Quilts of Gee’s Bend – a set on Flickr

  • These always, always make me happy. In fact, how about art photos of these quilts to “wallpaper” a wall?


A Classic of the Genre: Rosey Grier’s Needlepoint for Men « CraftyPod

    • The man did needlepoint & macrame while being a pro football player.  Then he was the bodyguard who subdued Robert Kennedy’s killer.  And he was a singer and actor.  Best of all he “is cofounder of American Neighborhood Enterprises, an organization that works to help disadvantaged city dwellers buy homes and receive vocational training…and founded his nonprofit resource center for inner-city teens, developing spiritual and educational programs for disadvantaged youths. – His wiki  Amazing!

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chantalNo Gravatar

I love your wreath! I had thought about making one for fall, but since I kept putting it off, I should probably just make one for Christmas. Also, Rosey Grier is great!


ElizabethNo Gravatar

Thank you very much!! I opted for simple, tho I am keeping myself from adding to it…. I just used sewing pins because I didn’t want to glue anything permanently. Per Grier, I need to get a bio of the guy to read!


RoonyNo Gravatar

I wish I could crochet. I love these as trim for Mason jars and what a great idea to trim your sveehls.The Pioneer books sounds like a cozy read!Have a great day, Sandra.


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