Milk Jug Ring + Yarn = Olympic Cheer

20 February, 2010

in Crocheting & Knitting

Milk Jug Rings + Yarn = Olympic Cheer

In the kids’ craft box we always have the plastic rings off of the milk jugs. I keep thinking there must be something cool to do with them. I had this idea for crocheting the rings and connecting them. It turned out okay-ish. Would be better with thicker acrylic yarn, I think, and not the thinner cotton I had on hand. It got caught on the little teeth and shows mistakes more. I was originally going to intertwine them a la the Olympic flag, but it just looked too wonky. Planning on stringing these up with some white yarn as an Olympic garland for the viewing-fest we are having here. :) Looking at the 3 colors of plastic we have, you might get the right colors just by drinking different milks. :)

Yarny Olympic Rings

This could be a good craft for kids – you could give them lengths of yarn and they could wrap the rings and then tie/glue them finished.

You know, even when ideas don’t look as good as I’d hoped, I love just getting them out of my head!

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