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30 December, 2011

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Grandma's teaching me how to knit!!!!

Hello, my friends, I hope you are doing well!

Around here this time of year is super full with lots of family time, but also lots of down time. Being the passenger in the car, chilling on the computer while the kids watch a new movie, staying up late because you (I) don’t have to get them up early for school. Etc…. Or it is just me?

If it’s you, too, I have a massive collection of links that were under “Blog” and never made it. And it’s not because they weren’t worthy, but because the world is full of good stuff and I ran out of time.

So, arranged by category, but not in alphabetical order, are tons links for your downtime perusal.  There’s lots of gold in here, friends – dig in!

MAKING the World Better
Father and son lunch box comics make everything in this world better So sweet. And what amazing parenting!

Power of Making – Victoria and Albert Museum I. want. to. go.

CraftSanity » We Are Makers. This Is What We Do.  A lovely manifesto. Such a great title.

Craft Around the World – a set on Flickr  The crafty bits of this travellers wanderings.

progress: stash busting rug Adaiha has a fantastic method for using up all ugly/scratchy yarns well!

Crochet / I love this. Pineapple shawl crochet source: don’t typically like the pineapple motif in crochet, but this has it growing on me.

ceitaspasaule: Turpinu tambor?t segu Ah-mazing crochet hexagon colorwork!!

Yarn Muse: Crocodile Stitch A really sweet stitch. It seems to, rightfully, be gaining in popularity because it’s much easier to find now.

You still have lots of time to knit or crochet a scarf for the 2012 Special Olympics

How To Knook – Leisure Arts  Has anyone tried the Knook?

Knitting! #sortof

They Sewed a House! at My Sister’s Cottage A wonderful, whimsical doily fort!

Little Ocean: Monica Canilao I love the photo of the artist dying her doilies and the collages and spaces she creates.

make it yours: lula aldunate | Design*Sponge   This bohemian, patchworked space was one of my favorite house tours of the year.

This Pinboard called “Creative Stuffs” is full of great things I haven’t seen before.  We must read different blogs. ;)

Soul Warmer An amazing art installation in a library letting loose the ideas and emotions in the books.

Maybe a washcloth? ;) #knitting

A Social Sanity Manifesto for 2012 I was surprised at how prevelant the practices she’s giving up must be to need to write a manifesto about it.  It makes me sad.  I love social media, and am constantly surprised and saddened by how much it seems to stress a lot of people out.  They are only tools. Twitter, Facebook, et al., are what you make them. It’s a whole post really, but in short: Don’t waste your time friending/following people who stress you out and don’t get on there unless you really want to socialize.

A Complete Handbook of Lettering for Stitchers by Elsie Svennas online!  Now that’s a treausre!

Gathering Feathers in August – Spirit Cloth SO many lovely embroidered feathers and collages!

Five lessons learned from living in Paris –  This made me laugh.  It’s a completely over-the-top, rose-colored glasses view of the world, but I liked it anyway. There’s a lot you can critique there, but spirit of slowing down and living well is a good antidote to much of the American lifestyle.

Draw a Stickman Gallery – Creative Stickman Drawings Take five minutes of your life to do this.  You’ll be glad you did.

The Art of the Novella Great literature championed by a rainbow colored collection- what’s not to love?

Interiors Bazaar / Doug & Gene Meyer: Tabletop Just a sliver makes all the difference.

Progress! #knitting But my hands hurt from concentrating.

An Open Letter From a Dancer Who Refused to Participate in Marina Abramovic’s MOCA Performance | Artinfo Dancing is an art that I don’t follow at all, but found this article to reflect a lot of issues in the arts/world where many regular people are expected to “perform” for the elite at great cost to themselves.  That people are treated like this and expect to be for their jobs is insane.

Richard Stearns: Cutting Foreign Aid: Not The America I Love I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Temporarily broke, or even broke, are not the same as abject poverty.

1 is 2 Many | The White House  Vice President Biden speaks out against sexual violence against women, specifically on college campuses.

fabric prints – a set on Flickr via African Fabric Prints – Fly Gasp. Heart attack. Shock. Awe. Heaven.

Leah Evans Textiles Maps! Quilts! Together!

My New Favorite Red & White Quilt at Redwork in Germany What the title says. WOAH.

kelsch – Victoria Lochhead History of gingham.

A.P.C. Quilt Video The making of quilts.

Someone is still trying their hand at knitting.

The Playful Knitter: Woven Matchboxes, and Knitted Treasure Chests I’m absolutely enamoured by these wee woven tartans in matchboxes!! They are one of the few things I’ve seen I’d love to just recreate exactly.  I want to make these in the Brodie tartan for my family as little Christmas ornaments.

quillwork Weaving and stitching with porcupine quills! These caught my eye because we have a similar display in the Native American section of our local museum. Talk about using what you have!

An Open Letter to Small Business Owners Put this in your “encouragement” or “motivation” file.

for kids | ORPHAN SOCKS These spare wooden kids’ toys and accessories are so great – I especially love the cloud and the totem. An old marbling technique on wood! Rainbow grained wood- so pretty!

Arctic Plank Makes Unique Upcycled Floor Wooden shipping pellets upcycled into a gorgeous chevron floor!  If I ever build a house….

Scarf! My mom actually started this & then decided knitting wasn't for her. Secretly finishing it for her- shh! ;)

Seth’s Blog: Eliminating the impulse to stall How do we eliminate the impulse to stall?  How can we really help each other?  Could you be a bone marrow donor?

5 Tips for Staying Inspired! – A Beautiful Mess In case you need it. These are all great.  And Elsie’s 5 Tips are always great in general.

Don’t Overthink It: 5 Tips for Daily Decision Making I overthink. Very helpful.

I want to try this / Opinion | News | Rethink A resolution list creatively written with a lot of good ideas. Would be a great art journal spread or book idea, too.

And speaking of 2012 goals…someone’s getting an early start on her “Learn to Knit (for real)” goal while her left-handed grandma is in town!!

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