Making the Merry

22 December, 2011

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Doing some art journaling this AM. Those are old mailbox sticker letters.

Hello, friends! How’s this week going? Are you having fun? Are your projects and recipes turning out? Are you on to Plan B or even C already?

I snuck a some early morning moments and made a couple art journaling pages yesterday with some old Christmas scraps. Including vintage mailbox letters from my grandparents. They were still sticky!

Good Morning! Grooviest Christmas wrapping paper ever?? #vintage

Hunting through old Christmas scraps reminded me that I have a bit of the Grooviest Christmas Wrapping Paper Ever, acquired at that estate sale.

I haven’t decided what I’m going to make with it yet, but something more than an art journal page to show it off well!

Making oatmeal scotchies....

I added Oatmeal Scotchies to the repertoire this year. My mom makes them every year and I recently found out Joe really likes them.

Howevah…I tried subbing in Luke’s gluten free flour to the Nestle recipe and we ended up with more of a cookie crumble aka. ice cream topping/fancy granola.   Even though I ended up baking them almost twice as long.

p.s. That amazing swirled ornament is from the Finland tree.

So, plan B: Luke has an awesome crumble/topping and I’ll remake the batch properly to get some cookies for Joe.

Obviously a gluten-free/kitchen chemistry novice.

Christmas fudge #yum

The Fantasy Fudge – Best Fudge in the World – came out as stellar as it ever does. I’m telling you, just buy the jar of marshmallow creme – it’s so much better than the supposedly fancy touristy fudge made on marble slabs!

Don’t be a fudge snob! ;)  (But good luck finding a jar on the shelves this week.)

Looking at all the amazing ornaments from around the world at Meijer Gardens. #christmas #handmade

The other thing I “made” yesterday was 363 photos at Meijer Gardens Christmas & Holiday Traditions display!

Dozens of Christmas trees? Ornaments? Handmade from all over the globe? Check, check, check!!! All my favorite things in one spot??  Yes!!!

I hope your merry making is going well. Don’t stress friends. It all works out every year one way or the other! XOXO

More of the Christmas tree photos tomorrow!

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pamNo Gravatar

Frame that beautiful vintage Christmas paper! Frame it i say! totally beautiful find!

Loved, loved, loved the photo of the tree with straw and curled wood ornaments! Now I know for sure we are on the same page! Neither are as easy to make as they appear! I am hoping to make more headway with both this year.

I am so happy that the curled wood ornaments i occasionally see are still actually made in Finnland. Sadly, finding straw ornaments made in northern Europe is harder but I did find some lovlies in the Scandinavian Shop in Beavertonl My sweetie was quite relieved that the entire inventory didn’t find it’s way into my shopping basket!

I am so looking forward to spending 2012 with you as a part of it!


ElizabethNo Gravatar

Oo-oohh!! Framing it is a fabulous idea! Perfect retro/kitschy/merry seasonal decor! Love it – thank you.

I am in awe of the straw curled ornament. You’ll have to give me a workshop. ;)

I look forward to 2012 with you, too. :)


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