11 October, 2012

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Hello! Lately at Things Bright…

1. Two days ago at the thrift store I found the most amazing, huge, 60 something by 50 something vintage towel! I love it and have warned the boys away from it. (Which is silly and futile, but there ya go.)
2. The pattern is gorgeous.
3. I’m working at getting more finds up into my vintage shop this week, including a couple sweet little flower looms.
4. My mom gifted me a cute little crochet book that I need to make time to read. Love that doily cover!
5. I’m trying my hand at fabric tape. Again. The first time was a major dork #craftfail as I used my hair dryer on it to make the fabric glue dry faster. Thereby also melting the wax paper onto the tape and making it unpeelable. Dumb. Hopefully this fail will make yours not seem so bad!
6. Hooked for Life is also my current condition with soda. I should just give it up.  And then we go to the local Mexican diner where they have it in a glass bottle and I. cannot. stop.  myself!

7. And this is a fun compilation of shots from my last trip to a local thrift shop. (The book I actually bought for friends who are in the midst of building theirs, haha!)  I like to put these up on Instagram – I almost always thrift alone, but knowing how many of my online friends love the same things, it’s fun to “take you along” when I go. If you like that, I’m Things Bright on Instragram.  It’s my daily life, which filtered through Instagram, is as much craft, art, nature, and thrifting as I can possibly manage to cram in!

Back to photo editing and listing.  What are you doing today?

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