Into the Woods: Weekend Getaway

24 February, 2012

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Feb 384///Hello! If you’re new, Into the Woods is a weekly post on Fridays reminding us to get off the screens for the weekend and get out into nature. Enjoy!///

Happy Friday, friends!! I’m so excited this week is over! And that February is on it’s way out soon….

Last weekend we were able to get away with our close friends from our church to a lodge owned by one of the friend’s relatives.

It was a perfectly relaxing, fun weekend.

Vintage Quilt

How could it not be when I immediately spied a vintage quilt tucked in one of the guest rooms as a seat cover?

Feb 343

Of course, I couldn’t leave well enough alone and had to show you the whole thing. I’m glad I did, because I liked seeing how the quilter did the wide border in blue. I love the old prints! And being reminded that wide borders made a perfect frame…and could rescue you if you’re tired of making blocks.

The place we're at this weekend has an amazing pantry. #food

Another comfy patchwork of sorts was the amazing pantry. There was natural wood everywhere, and this family is big into canning. So lovely!

Icing Cupcakes

The weekend was full of good food. Each of the four families took turns cooking meals. Little boys helped ice the cupcakes, lick the knives, and load them onto tractor wagons.

Feb 378

There was also sledding and fort building outside.

Feb 379

And laying in snow.  Brr!  But who notices snow on the neck when there are fort pictures to be taken?

Feb 391

If you took a walk there were shy longhorn cattle to be found.

Feb 401

And a covered bridge.

Beautiful horse barn. #abovemyhead #belowmyfeet

And the inside of that gorgeous horse barn you saw at the top of the post.

More of the horse barn.

I had so much fun taking pictures in and around there.

Feb 434

And taking a walk behind it to visit the horses.  They were ready for some attention and loved being petted.

Feb 440

So much so that every time I backed away to take a photo, I’d end up with shots like this because they were noseying about for more.  I should have taken photos first, and played with them second.

Feb 441

This beauty finally stood still long enough for me to get a pretty close up.  I loved it.  I spent half of my elementary and jr. high days dreaming of owning a ranch out west.

Little Longhorn

And I finally got closer to the longhorns.  The little ones, anyway.

Feb 448

This one was not sure what to think of me.

4 wheeling

But it was not all bucolic.  My boys and I got to learn how to drive ATVs for the first time and that was super fun!  I figured out every way to stall them there is.  At the point furthest from the house!  But now I know how to start them again and speed around.  Love speed!

Feb 375

Friends, food, fun, gorgeous weather. And a view of the dock and covered bridge from our bedroom.

As someone who rarely takes weekend getaways, I highly recommend trying to fit one in.

And as someone who spent this week with sick little boys everyday and has serious cabin fever, I must say, writing out this post was so good for me. It’s amazing how quickly we can forget the good things we just enjoyed….

Happy Weekending, friends! Count your blessings and get outside however you can!

And if you can’t, go find the nearest conservatory. The green will do you good.



p.s. I loved this sign on speaking your mind seen in one of the bathrooms there. ;)



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MandyNo Gravatar

What amazing photos. It sounds like you had a wonderful time last weekend. I hope the boys are now fit enough to enjoy the weekend ahead, and that you can all get outside to enjoy some fresh air for even a short while.


ElizabethNo Gravatar

Mandy, thank you! I’m very much an amateur, but I love photography. They’re slowly getting better, so here’s hoping!


LizNo Gravatar

Oh. My. Goodness. That quilt! Just beautiful!


ElizabethNo Gravatar

Very inspiring!


geek+nerdNo Gravatar

Oh my gosh…Quilt envy! Pantry envy!! Lodge envy!!! Are you kidding me?! That looks like paradise!!!


ElizabethNo Gravatar

It was pretty stellar. :)


ChantalNo Gravatar

That looks like a beautiful place to spend a weekend – I bet it was hard to leave!


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