Into the Woods: Tree Cutting Day!

3 December, 2011

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Tree Cutting Day!!///Hello! If you’re new, Into the Woods is a weekly post on Fridays reminding us to get off the screens for the weekend and get out into nature. Enjoy!///

Okay, it’s Saturday, but still, make sure you get outside!  We did – it was our annual Tree Cutting Day!! Every year on the first weekend of December.


I often get a little carried away. Much to my husband’s chagrin.

The top. And old hiking boots I've had since HS.

But I’d rather do this than end up with a skinny tree. Would you believe I’ve had those hiking boots since high school? Obviously we don’t do a lot of serious hiking.

Lit. #nofilter

Perfectly slightly-too-fat for the corner! With many, many lights. The trick with fat trees is the do an inner strand of white lights near the trunk, and then string the colored ones up.


And then the fun part!  But really, it’s all fun.  Off to find the top star….

I hope you get outside and find some pine-y holiday cheer, too!  See you Monday!

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pamNo Gravatar

Perfectly almost too fat! My idea of the best tree ever!

Thank you for sharing these images. I loved seeing them.


ElizabethNo Gravatar

Thank you, Pam! We love it. :)


Dave TNo Gravatar

Awesome work! I got mine on Saturday. I also like to do the lights more towards the middle. Now it sparkles as you walk by it. I just have to keep my cat away from it…


ElizabethNo Gravatar

Thanks, Dave! Did it rain for you? It was one of the fastest trees we ever picked out! Only time I ever wished it was colder, because I wanted snow instead. ;)


Dave TNo Gravatar

Yes it was pouring. I thought it would be quiet because of it, but it was crazy busy. It was odd standing in the pouring rain discussing which tree to get… snow would have been much better.

I think it was our fastest time out too! Your tree looks great!


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