Into the Woods: Standing on Trees

28 October, 2011

in Into the Woods

Into the Woods///Hello! If you’re new, Into the Woods is a weekly post on Fridays reminding us to get off the screens for the weekend and get out into nature. Enjoy!///

Okay, friends, it’s Friday evening ’round these parts. Shut down your interwebs and find some old trees to stand on! We’re off to Toledo for some birthday partying…see you on Monday with more Tunisian Crochet love!


p.s. Photo credit goes to my 9 yr. old, Brodie.

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pamNo Gravatar

You know you rock – right?

I am taking you advice this weekend and catching up on some lovely and not so lovely crafting!


ElizabethNo Gravatar

Pam, thank you. :) Hoping you have a super crafty weekend!!


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