Into the Woods: Get Thee to a Greenhouse!

18 May, 2012

in Into the Woods

Greenhouse///Hello! If youโ€™re new, Into the Woods is a weekly post on Fridays reminding us to get off the screens for the weekend and get out into nature. Enjoy!///


This past week I went to the largest greenhouse I have ever seen in my life with my mom. Easily one of my happy places.

I want to ask the staff if I can just hang a hammock in there and stay?

Up here in Michigan we are finally past our frost date and people are starting to plant in earnest. My little front porch is looking cheery now!

Go find some of your own cheer and enjoy the weekend!

Until Monday friends,

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pamNo Gravatar

You don’t have to twist my arm! Greenhouse visit! GREAT idea!

This one is unbelievable. How did you manage to leave any of it behind?

Wish i could have tagged along. Thank you for sharing your visit and beautiful pictures. Started my weekend off perfectly!


ElizabethNo Gravatar

Glad you liked the photos! Hope you went yourself! :)


ChantalNo Gravatar

We decided to plant some flowers in the window boxes this year and went to our local greenhouse – not nearly as big as this, but it was enough for the babies to get really excited. Now they’ve been checking on our flowers out the window every two seconds. The greenhouse you went to looks amazing and so gigantic. Wow.


ElizabethNo Gravatar

Our area is known for greenhouses and we have tons of them, large and small. Plants are such a fabulous thing for littles – I really need to get more for the inside of my house.


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