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23 November, 2011

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Much loved trivet & Cleaning Up. The morning after the party

I am thankful for

The Colors of Everyday Life.   (Of course I start here, this is Things Bright after all!)

1.  Hexies that became a trivet when I decided they were too big for the afghan I had in mind.  2. Cleaning up the morning after a birthday party.

Inside, Outside

Autumn, Inside and Outside

1.  Less sunshine & warmth make me incredibly grateful to have a fireplace!  2.   Crisp oak leaves & fall air.

The weather, it changes

That the Weather Changes

1.  Bright blue sky days with the autumn moon peeking out before full sun.  2.  Crazy foggy mornings brought on by our wildly fluctuating fall weather.

Morning TeaMorning Tea

1.  At the table photo editing.  2.  That one of my faves is named after a quality friends have accused me of in the past. ;)

Crochet at the ThriftsCrazy Crochet at the Thrift Stores

1.  Colorful granny blanket with pop out flowers.  2.  A type of dimensional granny I’d never seen before.

Fall DecoratingFall Decorating

1.  Layering doilies on the piano.  2.  Making a wreath from bits of past projects on hand.

Vintage Yarn & Knitting Books

Vintage Yarn and Craft Magazines.

1. Shetland wool & an old knitting mag.  2.  That polyester used to be a “miracle fiber”.

Finding Inspiration Everywhere

A World Full of Inspiration

1.  Plastic balls, capsules for wee cars, that I’m determined to abscond for wee ornaments.  2.  Tape at the auto parts store.  (I’m telling you, go!  There’s all sorts of tape there for detailing cars, including several thin types of masking tape which are all perfect for art journaling and mixed media work.)

Colors, always the colorsBeing Inspired by Colors.  Always the Colors.

1.  Old stickers I found from jr. high days.  2.  Multi-colored text.

Little Things that Keeps Me Sane

Little Things That Keep Me Sane

The “Inspiration and Colors Everywhere!” above that lead to “baubles! tape! stickers! colorful text!” also leads to easily distracted….

1.  My beloved iphone carries little daily alarms/notes I write to myself to keep me on track, mostly for the necessary little house details that keep a home running. (Easily forgotten by a woman who starts pondering Christmas crafts when she’s picking up plastic baubles or oogling tape at the auto store when the husband is buying the poor car a new battery.)

2.  Teeny projects just to see something completed in the midst of bigger endeavours.  A little yarn wrapped tree, granny squares, and God’s Eyes.

Out Volunteering

Being a Part of a Great Organization & Movement

1.  I did a presentation for Women At Risk at a church the other night on their work and the blight of modern slavery.  I arrived just as the sun was setting on the amazing old stained glass windows.  2.  Getting a sneak peek at the new brightly striped scarves from one of their new partners in Guatemala.

My FamilyAnd Most of All, My Family

We’ve been through a lot in the last couple of years.  Those are other stories for another day, but suffice to say, in most ways we are doing better than we’ve ever been.  There is no way I can tell you how grateful I am about this.   Just, I am thankful.  Thankful that we are all here.  That we are all healthy.  That we are all together.

1. I was teasing Joe about doubling up on the plaid and then looked at myself!  We accidentally overdid it a bit that day!  2.  Brodie, my oldest, and prop helper extraordinaire.  3.  Jordan and Luke on the way to school.

The boys have the next 3 days off and we’re headed to exotic Toledo for the holiday.  I’ll see you back here next Monday, ready to go for Christmas!

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!!

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shannonNo Gravatar

Great instagrams! So much for be thankful for. Lovely post. :)



iHannaNo Gravatar

Oh what a wonderful post, thanks for sharing your yummy photos. My favorite is the dolies on the piano – what a cool setup. :-)

Take care!


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