An Important Documentary and Going on Holiday

26 June, 2011

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Boys at the GRAM

Hello! I know I don’t normally appear on Sundays, but I have two things to tell you.

1. CNN is premiering a documentary tonight called Nepal’s Stolen Children, dealing with the issues of modern day slavery. Please watch it if you can.

2. I’m taking the next few weeks off. At least 3, but I am leaving the possibility of 4 open.

I had been debating a bit of a summer break and as soon as I decided I would, I got really excited. I know this will be really great. I love, love, love blogging, but summer is short here in Michigan and magical picnics, long days at the beach, and reading time don’t plan themselves.

And as much as I love interacting with you and others on Twitter and Facebook, I’m really feeling a pull for some just “here” time and not “everywhere-all-at-once” time.

As Tif at Dottie Angel often says, I have many “high hopes“, both for rest and work. We have two long family weekends coming up, are working through some food intolerance issues with one of the boys, and my house is calling my name. I decided I’d be a lot happier getting some more of my own decorating finished (sewing some curtains, pillows, etc) before I started making a bunch for some craft fairs. Otherwise I was headed for the “cobbler’s family has no shoes” situation!

It’s funny to me how concerned I felt last time for taking off a week and this time I’m not at all worried about taking off 3 or 4! So good. I hope you are having a lovely summer or winter, whatever the case may be and enjoying wherever you are at – full engaged, pulling back for quiet, or some good balance in between.

Thank you for sharing bits of your time with me and coming on my creative wanderings! See you in a few weeks!!

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ChristineNo Gravatar

Have a great fun, relaxing summer. I know what you mean it feels good to just take some time off. :-)


chantalNo Gravatar

I hope you have a good break!


DaveNo Gravatar

Enjoy the time off, especially when spent at the beach!


MandyNo Gravatar

Have a wonderful time with your family.


Erin Fickert-RowlandNo Gravatar

Have a great summer, Elizabeth! Look forward to hearing about it when you get back!


pamNo Gravatar

Well! I only just found you recently and you are already disappearing!? Great idea to take some time off. The virtual life does seem to take over at times and it is so important to take extended time to get back in touch with real life.

I wish you a deliciously lovely visit back to the real world.


BrandyNo Gravatar

Enjoy your vacation! You’ll be missed! :)


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