I Will Dream and I Will Do

22 September, 2010

in Goals

Dreaming and doing.

This has become a really important phrase for me. I continue to focus on getting more of my creativity out of my head and into some sort of solid form. 

I have always been a dreamer. I didn’t used to think of myself that way.  I saw dreamers as people who sort of lazily lounged around in a hazy fog, never doing anything at all. I was always involved in a lot of activities growing up, but also read constantly and had lots of ideas in my head. It’s only in the last few years that I’ve learned to get these ideas out of my head in any way. 

And it’s wasn’t until I became a serial project starter but not finisher that I realized how much more of a dreamer I am than a doer. 

The rush of an idea, a happy frenzied start, frustration at lack of skill or loss of interest, languishing project. Repeat. Infinitely.

In the last few months that I’ve really tried to DO in earnest. I made this page with the realization that no matter what I accomplish, big or small, I will always keep on dreaming.

For awhile, I thought I dreamed too much. That maybe it would be better if I could just stop dreaming for time and “catch up” on all my thoughts and ideas.

Yeah. That’s never going to happen. Even someone who thinks they don’t have very many ideas always has another one sometime. And people like me who feel like they have an idea a minute will always be building on the previous ones.

I realized that my lack of doing, or execution, was just simply that. A lack of doing. Not an excess of dreaming. 

I keep dreaming. I don’t think I could stop myself if I tried. (And if I did for real, it would be soul-crushing.) And now I work harder at the doing.

Dreamers and Doers. The synergy of inspiration and execution. The world needs both. And I think the world needs more of us to be both. 

Do you think you are a dreamer or a doer? Have you found a way to be both? How do you make it work? Truly, I want to learn from you.

p.s. This is in the Flickr set with the other art journal pages. 

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BethNo Gravatar

Don't ever stop dreaming! I try to do both — I guess time spent away from my computer is dream time and time at my computer (writing) is work time. It's hard to find a balance, but I need my dreams to keep feeding me.


ElizabethNo Gravatar

On dreams feeding us – absolutely. I live on them. :)


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