How Hard is it to Take Creative Risks? And the Black Mirror

10 September, 2012

in Creative Encouragement

curtains2 009

In the process of doing over my living room, I decided the mirror should become a bright, glossy black.

Pumpkin Orange Mirror, Crochet Love Letters

As you may or may not remember, it used to be pumpkin orange.

That was supposed to just be for last autumn, but it lasted the whole year.  This photo reminds me that I really need to start buying mums and find that little feather candle holder that I made.

Corner of My Mantle

Before that, when the walls were still green, it was white.  I had totally forgotten about this arrangement and now miss summer.  Look at all those rocks from the beach!

Say good-bye, orange mirror!

So outside when the mirror. It is so heavy.

The frame is not wood, but some old plastic composite.  But since the mirror’s so big, it’s incredibly weighty. It has been one of my best thrifty finds however, in that I found it 7 years ago, still use it and it only cost me $20!

Since I love to reuse stuff and get a bit silly about it, I will tell you that the paper is not only the leftovers from the curtain stenciling, but was previously wrapping for a delightful gift Pam gave me that I must show you soon!

Curtains 028

Chantal complimented me on Instagram, saying she admired me changing things up, seemingly without fear.

I replied that paint was a cheap and easy fix to change if I didn’t like it. I also noted that I used to take forever to do things because I couldn’t decide and was afraid I wouldn’t like it down the road.

I finally realized that I was being too perfectionistic and should accept that what I like changes a lot.  So, I change stuff seasonally when I can (which obviously didn’t happen with the orange mirror), or whenever the mood strikes.

Curtains 027

What are you like when it comes to changing things up?

If it’s decor, does that inhibit your crafty impulses since you have to look at it everyday, or know more people will see/judge you by it than say, a sewing project gone wrong? 

Does the medium matter?

Are you more willing to wear an outfit that might not work or try something new in your house?

Do you just go for it or weigh things carefully? How much do you worry about liking the end product? Is that hard to let go of?

Not sure if I like the new black mirror. It's so...dark. Wondering if a bronze or gold would be better? Going to see what Joe think tonight.

When it comes to creative risk, what affects your choices?

One easy answer for me is time and money. In other words, the amount of resources I have. 

Painting a mirror is 30 minutes of time and $7, so for me, it’s a very small risk.  At best, I love it, and at worst, it’s only $7 more to paint it something else.

Like this time.  I’m not sure about the black. It’s striking, but feels very heavy.

I’m probably going to change it to a bronze – something that’s still striking, but more earthy and not so dark.

Where are you likely to take a risk and where are you likely to shy away from them?

What encourages you to take creative risks?

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