Free Crochet Pattern: Vintage Inspired Shell Stitch Tissue Holder

16 July, 2013

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Crochet Pattern Purse Tissue Holder PocketCrochet Pattern Purse Tissue Holder Pocket stack

Hello, friends!

While traveling in Ohio last week my mother-in-law showed me this cute tissue holder cover she’d picked up at an estate sale. There was only 2 and she liked them enough to want more for gifts, so she asked me to make a few for her. A little crochet challenge? Of course!

Crochet Pattern Purse Tissue Holder Pocket collage

This is the tissue holder I’ve copied.

I’ve taken the time to write down the pattern I figured out, even though it’s pretty easy, just in case any of you might like the exact dimensions worked out for you.

The pocket is alternating rows of single and double crochet (Amer.) and then a basic shell stitch for the flap. I was also endeavouring to make pockets just like the ones my mother-in-law found, so the shell stitch is just a bit different from others found online.

Crochet Shell Stitch Tissue Holder Pattern

(4 dc in one st)

Finishing Shell
(6 dc in one st)

Ch. 37
Row 1 dc in 3rd ch from hook, dc across 34 times. 36 sts.
Row 2 Ch 2, turn, sk st, sc 35 times. 36 sts.
Row 3 Ch 2, turn, sk. st., dc 35 times. 36 sts.
Rows 4-19 Repeat rows 2 and 3 eight times. 19 rows.
Row 20 Shell in 4th ch from hook, *skip 3 ch, shell in next ch*; rep * to end. Turn.
Row 21 Ch 4, *shell in 2nd dc of next shell; rep * to end. Turn.
Rows 22-28 Rep row 21 seven times.
Row 29 **Finishing Shell in 2nd dc of next shell**; rep ** seven more times, join last dc of last shell into the last stitch.
Weave in ends, bind off.

Fold up the sc and dc rows to make your pocket.

Crochet Pattern Tissue Holder Side

Pocket Edge: Sl st to join the top sts on one side together, then in the side if each dc row place 4 sc, continue 8 more times down to the bottom corner.
Sl st in the last st, bind off and weave in ends.
Repeat pocket edge on the other side.

Crochet Pattern Purse Tissue Holder sides

Alternately, you could slip stitch the pocket edges, as the blue one was done. But the bulk usually not wanted in seams, works well here to help the tissues fit in better.

July 075


1. It’s worth it to take the time to block this little pocket.

If you block it while it’s a still a strip, it’s easier to line up and stitch your edges. If you forget and do the blocking when your pocket is complete, it’s still helpful in setting its shape and making it easier to fit the tissue packets inside. I did it both ways, learning as I went along.

Crochet tissue holders pattern blockingCrochet Blocking of tissue holder pattern

2. Check with any avid crafter, crocheter or granny you know before purchasing thread crochet.

It’s what was used to make all those doilies and kitschy potholders in the past, but is not used by a lot of us as often now. And it comes in big amounts for it’s size. That means it’s super easy to find in closets, at garage sales, and in the thrift stores by the bagful.

Thread Crochet Stash

Crochet Pattern Tissue Holder closeup

3. If you’ve only used regular or bulky yarns for bigger or faster projects, be aware that these took me about 4 hours each.

It will take a couple rows for your eyes and fingers to get used to the smaller crocheting, but it’s really not that hard, just different. It just requires more patience because the effect and product are so much smaller than what most of us are used to now.

Green Crochet Tissue Holder Pattern

Because of the previously mentioned 4 hours, I haven’t tried it yet, but I think that if you decreased the sc and dc rows to only 15 and the shell rows to 8 instead of 10, it would perfectly fit my iPhone 4. I also think it’d be great to make the flap of the pocket in a chevron or broomstick lace stitch with different colored stripes.

Crochet Pattern Tissue Holder Pocket

If you make this pattern, please let me know and share some photos! Also, if there’s any notes or edits you’d like me to add to the pattern, I’m all ears!

Happy Crocheting, friends!

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Diane GillelandNo Gravatar

Aw, these are so adorable! I love your shell stitching. And this is a great first project for someone who wants to try thread crochet – it’s so great that you shared your realistic experience. I love the look and feel of thread, but Man! It always surprises me how loooooong if can take to crochet. It’s a zen thing.

I’m never without tissues, so I’ll make one of these with my own stash of thread from thrift stores! You’re right; that stuff is everywhere.


ElizabethNo Gravatar


Thank you so much! I would LOVE to see if you made one. And yeah…I think most of us crafters have a stash of that thread crochet “for something”. ;)


Laurel BradleyNo Gravatar

I was browsing around looking for a Fox and a Hedgehog crohet pattern, and ran into your “Vintage Inspired Shell Stitched Tissue Holder”. My Mother is turning 90 in a couple of months and she would adore this in her small handbag she never leaves the house without. Please help me with what size thread and hook you used This would be a lovely and very unexpected gift. Thank you


JanetNo Gravatar

I love this tissue holder! Can you tell me what size hook you used? I would really appreciate it!


JanetNo Gravatar

Hi! Maybe I missed your response but could you tell me what size needle you used?
Thank you,


ElizabethNo Gravatar

A size 6!


WillieNo Gravatar

Hi! Thank you so much for posting this FREE wonderful pattern. I’ve seen a few, but I love this one with the shell flap. I need to make 12 of them for the members of a book discussion group to which I belong. Again, my appreciation, and this is let you know…I’m gifting it.


WillieNo Gravatar

Hi again,

Would you please check which size thread you use for this pattern? I have #10-thinner and #3-the thicker of the two. I’ve started with the #3, but it seems a bit bulky. Look forward to hearing from you.


kathyNo Gravatar

My daughter loves this so I started one for her. Are you sure there are only 19 rows of single – double crochet? This only makes one side of the pocket. I counted the rows in your photos and think it should be double that. Thanks. It’s so cute really want to finish it.


DENISE BorboaNo Gravatar

Whay size hook did you use.? I like this pattern.


ScottiNo Gravatar

Love this pattern-a friend requested a tissue holder and this is perfect. I agree with Kathy above though-it appears the 19 rows in the pattern should be 19 sets of Rows 2 and 3. That’s how I’ll continue…I’m sure it will work out well. I’m using Bucilla Wondersheen #9 (free from auntie) and #6 hook; will send photo when finished. Thanks again!


victoriaNo Gravatar

I am new to thread crochet, what size thread did you use?


carol a kruseNo Gravatar

I didn’t find type yarn.size crochet hook


carol a kruseNo Gravatar

How many ounces or balls what type yarn


carol a kruseNo Gravatar

How many ounces or balls what type yarn .I have used this type yarn before when younger years ago .what size crochet hook is needed


AmandaNo Gravatar

I was looking for this kind of pattern and can’t wait to do one. My grandmother recently asked me to make 24 hand sanitizer holders and I thought I would make tissue holders to go with them, this will be perfect!


JanetNo Gravatar

What size crochet hook did you use? Thank you in advance. Thank you for sharing your pattern!


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