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27 February, 2012

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Hello! Links I’m loving this month. 

As always, not in any specific order.  Let me know what you think of the format.  I found weekly link lists too cumbersome.  But I’m now thinking that monthly round ups are too overwhelming.  Maybe I should just do daily footnotes?  I’ve always liked how Amy at Angry Chicken does that.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

There’s some really super ones in here….

On Writing:

I want to learn to write better.  These 3 articles look to be a great starting place.

Organizing and Focus:

Cornflower Blue: DIY Rotating Goal List

Love this.  Looks exactly like what I need.  Also, I’ll write messages to myself under the post-its like “Finished!” “Sweet, you did it!” and “FINALLY. You rock!” for fun, positive reinforcement.  Now that I think about it, this seems like a great way to do the boys’ chore list, too.

Your Problem Isn’t Motivation – Peter Bregman – Harvard Business Review

I think this article is super important.  Especially to anyone pursuing big changes in their life, the creative life in general, or being an entrepreneur.  I recently read an article that said more people should look at focus, time management, and energy management the way elite athletes do. Since the creative life is very much a mental and emotional journey this made a lot of sense to me.  The way makers and artists are constantly talking about and looking to reach and maintain peak creative flow sounds a lot like how athletes talk about maintaining their special training schedules.  This article hits on these ideas when it focuses on follow through and creating the right environment.

Helpful Info and How To’s:

Are You Making These 7 Mistakes with Your About Page? | Copyblogger

I need to freshen up my about page. This will help.

Mid Mod Madness — Retro Renovation

I love, love, love studying color. (Surprise!) I would especially love to have the Guggenheim art palettes!

Tie Dye T shirts with Sharpie Markers

I had never heard of this technique and love how it looks!  I think it would be perfect for some funky spring napkins.  I’m going to try to bleed flower designs.

Gleeful Things » Free Crochet Pattern: Waffle Cone Slouchy Hat

This pretty much looks like the purple hat that took me too long to figure out.  Here’s a free pattern for you to save you the trouble!

The Creative Life:

The Renaissance Soul: Life Design for People with Too Many Passions to Pick Just One

I wouldn’t put myself on the level of Renaissance, but I certainly have a lot of interests and want to check out what this book has to say.

Tribal Times – Home – Alt Design Summit : How to organize all that creativity

I found some of this list really helpful.

The 6 Questions That Lead To New Innovations | Co.Exist: World changing ideas and innovation

Great questions to tack up somewhere to keep the creative juices flowing.

The Rhythms of Work vs The Rhythms of Creative Labor :: Articles :: The 99 Percent

Interesting post on the different types of activities we do and how that affects us.  Thoughtful comments, too.

Something Old, Something New: A Shortcut To Your Best Work :: Tips :: The 99 Percent

This post is huge and could save you all sorts of emotional, angsty hours.  HUGE.  Applicable to all of life.  It reminds me of one of my most favorite talks ever given by our preacher.  He was speaking about the faith journey and the overwhelming choices we all inevitably face.  And then he brought up back to the fact that we are only in today and only responsible for today.  And rather than freaking ourselves out over trying to see down the whole path, when we can’t anyway, to ask ourselves, “What’s the next right step?”  So good.  So freeing.  This article’s question, “Have I ever solved a problem like this before?” is such a good piece of that.

25 Things To Do On Your Lunch Break To Further Your Handmade Business | Handmadeology

While I think one of the values of being your own boss is actually getting to eat a decent lunch, I did appreciate this list of smaller tasks to help move the business along.

Our Economic Times:

The Sun Magazine | Capitalism And Its Discontents

This article is long, and thoughtful, and totally worth your time.

Publishing’s Ecosystem on the Brink: The Backstory

I’m fascinated by channels of distribution and how things get from here to there.  The craziness that goes on in big businesses to dominate and how that affects us all is in here.  Tons of interesting comments, too.

How To Jumpstart Your Creative Career in a Bad Economy :: Articles :: The 99 Percent

I want to meet more people offline, so I liked these lists.

Mind This, Gap: Online-Only American Giant Brings Clothes Manufacturing Back To The U.S. | Fast Company

I love that this is happening.  I want to buy there stuff.  I absolutely hate not knowing where stuff is coming from!

The Impossible Dream: Happy Family and Successful Start-up | Inc.com

So many thoughts after reading this.  It’s its own post, really.  Read it and let’s talk about it Thursday, okay?

So much to think on here.  Happy Monday and a creative week to you!

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Thanks for all the helpful articles! They are just in time, I was feeling the blog slump and haven’t posted in awhile.


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