Decoupaged Wooden Hangers

14 March, 2012

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Decoupaged Hangers

Hello! I’m very much on a “Spruce up the house, it’s Spring!” kick.

I’ve also rediscovered for perhaps the billionth time that I actually clean more and get organizing accomplished faster if I am decorating or crafting at the same time.

Do you do this? Or do I just sound like a spaz? I so loathe the repetitive nature of home maintenance, but if I am decorating, I want the room clean.

And if I am crafting and cleaning, the excitement of popping in and out of what I am making spurs me on to get my chores done without lolly-gagging.


Tif over at Dottie Angel has been decoupaging, or decaling as she says, things lately. And I think I had that in the back of my mind when I came across some of my stamps from my old collection in my art journaling supplies the other day.

Suddenly (because it is always suddenly, isn’t it?) I thought, “what if I use some of the international ones to decorate the hangers in the hall closet?  (You may notice I have a travel/wanderlust theme going.)

So, in between cleaning the kitchen, I soaked off the stamps that were still on envelope corners and began decoupaging them on with Mod Podge.

I really like all the bright colors the Queen comes in.  (Do I even need to tell you that sort of tidbit anymore? Haha!)

Decoupaged Hangers

Oh my. I forgot how thoroughly addicting decoupage is.

Easiest craft ever, and super satisfying because more of your success depends on the image, than your crafty skills.  Stamps from India.

Decoupaged Hangers

And then, “what if I make some for the boys’ closets? They would like that.”

For the youngest who loves all things shark, whale, and ocean.

Decoupaged Hangers

At this point, the boys came in from outside for lunch and began requesting specific themes. When they saw how easy it was, they proudly made their own.  The middle one helped make his dinosaur hangers.

Decoupaged Hangers

The oldest is a budding biologist and loves snakes and frogs. He even told my brother last night that his Patronus was a frog. So sweet. The snake is for him. Luke, Mr. Dinosaur, also wanted some space hangers.

If you haven’t decoupaged in awhile, or ever, I highly recommend giving it a go.

Especially is you really just need to make something and make it quick!

(I can’t be the only one to get this urge of “Make, NOW.”)


  • My hangers are basic IKEA bamboo ones. I have vintage wooden ones, but thought I’d start with these just in case. I lightly sanded them so the glue would adhere better. Just in the top center to take a bit of the shine off, hardly any sanding at all.
  • We used old craft foam brushes to put on the Mod Podge.
  • If it got too goopy on the edges, a damp rag smoothed things right out.
  • You can easily translate your style with decoupage. How it looks depends entirely upon the image you glue, and what you glue it on. Tif’s are all floral granny chic. Better Homes and Gardens has plates with black and white anatomy illustrations that are elegant and gothic. And Prudent Baby has a cute, folksy key holder.
  • If you do stamps – there’s tons of possibilities because there’s just so many stamps! Preserving stamps off an important letter or invitation. Stamps from a loved ones collection. Stamps that match the interests of family and friends for gifts. There’s really no limit here.

Perhaps the least intimidating craft ever and a stellar one for kids!

Warning: You may run out of Mod Podge like I did.

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