Crochet Bullion Pumpkin Pattern

25 October, 2012

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Hello, friends!

Last week I saw this excellent tutorial of an embroidered teeny tiny bullion pumpkin by Mary Corbet come through my Pinterest stream and immediately thought, “How cute!! I wonder if you can do that in crochet?”

Turns out, you can. This how-to video on the crochet bullion stitch by Margaret Hubert reminded me of how to do the stitch and I set to fiddling.

Larger Pumpkins:
Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Yarn
Crochet Hook – size M or 9.00mm

Smaller Pumpkins:
Stash yarn that’s 4 Medium, or Worsted Weight
Crochet Hook – size G or

I have looked high and low for an abbreviation for the Bullion Stitch and it’s international symbol. I haven’t found them yet, so help is appreciated. I couldn’t even find it in any of my crochet books. (Though I do not have Crochet Master Class yet and I hear it’s in there.)

The bullion stitch I’ve settled on for now uses 6 wraps around the hook.

Crochet Bullion Pumpkin Pattern
Ch. 4, join.
Work 8 Bullion Stitches into the circle, leaving the last loop on your hook. Sl st through loop of last bullion, then sl st through all loops on hook, pulling the stitches together in a circle.
Fasten off, weave in end.

Ch.3, sl st 2, fasten off.

Insert hook down into the pumpkin and come out in the center of the bottom circle. Pull in stem as far as you wish and fasten inside with a knot or two to secure. Now the bottom of your pumpkin is the top, as the bottom is a smoother, more attractive surface. Fiddle with, even out stitches, and generally smoosh pumpkin around until you get your desired shape.

Further Notes
In the photos above there a couple different stems as I was working with different variations, but the basic braided look of the slip stitched chain is the one I liked best. You could also use an actual braid, friendship bracelet/macrame techniques or a real twig. I may add curly-ques later.

I know this isn’t a traditional crochet pattern, as I’m still searching the best way to write this one, but I wanted to get it out so you all could see it and possibly help make it better.

The magic ring would probably be great here, but I was having a hard enough time handling the bullions, that is was just too much for me. Maybe you are better.

This is the same reason my bullions are 6 wraps and not Margaret’s 10. What is simple in theory – “I’ll just cinch up some bullions like a drawstring sack!” is quite twiddly and fiddly in reality. Probably not for the “easily flustered by crochet” category.

That said, though more frustrating than I originally anticipated, the cute (and classy when executed well) bullions are growing on me. I see some Christmas bullion baubles in my future.

Show me if you try some and let me know what would make them better!  I’m going to practice some more myself!

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EricaNo Gravatar

These are just the cutest!!


ElizabethNo Gravatar

Thank you!!


Marie/Underground CrafterNo Gravatar

Thanks for the link back to my blog. The pumpkins are really cute!


ElizabethNo Gravatar

Thanks, Marie!


pamNo Gravatar

Ok these are seriously cool!!! And you did an amazing job with the tutorial. Thank you so much for sharing this happy harvest bit of fun.


ElizabethNo Gravatar

You are welcome, Pam! Let me know if you try them!


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