Crochet: 2 Swatches Finally Got Together and Tied the Knot, a Potholder

25 January, 2012

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Tunisian & Regular Crochet Swatch Potholder

Hello! I am a very busy bee/nose-to-the-grindstone this week, trying very hard to keep on track of getting at least some of my January goals accomplished after all this sickness!

And I have the whole house to myself today – really excited!  (Joe’s varying schedule and boys sick at various times means this is happening for only the second time this whole month!)

I finished this potholder during my week off of the computer.

Tunisian Crochet Potholder

It’s definitely a “Finally Finished!” sort of project. I did the Tunisian Crochet swatch last February…

Finally a Potholder

…and, ah…did the yellow stitch in August 2010! So yes, very happy to have it done and in use. 

(With yet another, possibly pointless, conversation/lecture to the boys about the difference between a potholder and a dishcloth….)

I’m very much on a tear to get lots of WIPs finished and it’s wonderful. I plan to make it continue!

Off to work. Lots and lots of photo taking for a Things Bright Vintage shop update and basement organizing. What are you doing today?

p.s. As with most of my swatch projects, they are merely the colors on hand, but I have gotten much grief over them from the Ohio State and Michigan State fans in the house. Never mind that they are my university colors.

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Pam ElmoreNo Gravatar

That’s so cool! Oh, and you won’t hear any griping from me about the color scheme — they’re my university colors as well (both undergrad and MA — neither of which was U of M)!

I also really liked the lacy layered backdrop! :)


ElizabethNo Gravatar

Thank you, Pam! It’s the color of both my uni’s, too, so I’m good. ;) The backdrop is doilies I’ve layered for a background for my vintage shop photos.


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