Creative Encouragement: My Take, the Visual To Do List

9 October, 2012

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Hello, friends! How’s your Tuesday?

Let’s talk goals and actually getting things made, yes?

This visual to do list is one of my latest ways of helping my all-over-the-place craft self stay focused! So good!

Awhile ago I saw a link on Pinterest toThree Tall Poppies Mini Visual Reminders. I promptly put them in my Tools board (you should check it out after reading the post – amazing stuff!)  Later I read her post and that led me to Wall o’ Goals by Yes and Yes.

I loved them!  They seemed like a great way to get good ideas online off the screen and into my life.

I pondered where to put my wall of goals.

I wondered if I had white cardstock. I debated printing out photos at Walgreens instead. I thought square Instagram-like ones would be cooler. I started thinking about cropping them all into squares. I realized I needed to run to an office store for more mini bulldog clips….

Then I realized I was doing it again. Making a small thing into a Big Thing.

Making a list of projects into a project itself. Thereby defeating the purpose of getting more projects finished and being less perfectionistic about it all! Yikes!

So instead, I loaded all the photos into the collage maker at PicMonkey, my not-so-secret weapon. I love PicMonkey. So much.

I added words and played with opacity. This was okay, but I was still turning it into a Thing.

Rather than making the actual things, you know? So I stopped.


So the next picture to do list is just that – photos. I’ve seen these so often on my Pinterest boards or in my own bookmarks, that I know what they are anyway.

Then I printed them off at home on regular printer paper and taped them to the side of my bookcase in the dining room where I can see them all the time. Easy peasy.

For someone who’s as highly visual and as highly forgetful as me, this needs to be my new go-to for long-term lists.

The first collage is a list of started or long put-off personal and house projects than I am bound and determined to get finished in the next few months (But maybe not before Christmas – don’t hold me to that!)

The second is a list of projects that are personal – mostly clothing and jewelry ideas I like but just never seem to get to that I really want to try.

In the interest of this blog post not becoming a Thing by inserting and editing 32 links, I made a Pinterest board with links to all the original products, photos, and ideas.

The very straight-forwardly named Visual To Do List Sources.

I put little notes on each one in case what you wonder what I’m thinking or where I’m going with the idea. Like the West Elm bath mat up there…I’d love to try weaving one with old denims.  And I didn’t end up sewing the living room curtains, but I hand printed curtains, remember? Yay!

I originally wrote this post just in case any one of you fight the same “Out of sight, out of mind” malady that I do.

But now that I’ve written it, I’m hoping that some of you will check in with me and help keep me on track? Accountability is one of my best friends!

And what about you? Do you think a visual To Do list would help?

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MandyNo Gravatar

I have a written to do list which gets rewritten each week. This is mostly because I end up with items – like the costumes I am currently making for the local drama group – taking precedence, especially since the first night is only a couple of weeks away. It reminds me that I do have a number of other things to do, most notably making the binding for a quilt which also must be completed very soon.
I do a written list since I find it helpful to cross things off as I complete them. It also makes me prioritise the rest of the items on the list and decide which must be finished next. I have managed to finish nine so far. Only another sixteen to go…………..


ElizabethNo Gravatar

I bet your costumes are awesome! I love to cross things off, too! Who doesn’t, really? That turns out to be another good thing about going the easy route and putting my collage on regular paper and not cardstock or photos – I’ve been putting big red Xs through the ones I’ve completed. :) And I know that technically 16 is a long list, but it sounds great to me – I feel like I have 16 lists with 16 each! It sounds like you are better at prioritizing than me. Hope the costumes and quilt go well.

Thanks for stopping by!


RhymeswithpurpleNo Gravatar

I never had a way to express how a simple task takes on its own life, becomes a Thing, despite my best intentions. Thank you for the phrasing and for helping me feel less batty!
I found your site while searching for a pattern for a Tunisian Crochet basket, but have found much more. I have been struggling with keeping a “to do” list but it always ends the same way; either I get so anxious I abandon it or once the list is out of my immediate vision it ceases to exist. I have recently started using a “sketch” journal to keep my calender and all things inky; the idea of incorporating a visual list really intrigues me.


ElizabethNo Gravatar

Rhymes, I’m so glad! I think a lot of getting things done is being honest about how we as individuals work and working with that rather than working against it. Best wishes!!


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