Candy Santa Sleighs

17 December, 2010

in Christmas

Head of the Santa Candy Sleigh Squardron

Last night at 6pm, “Mom, I want to bring gifts to school for my friends. Some of the other kids are. Can I?”

Candy Santa Sleighs

Saner people would have said, “Sure, we’ll get everyone a candy cane.”  I did not even think of this?

Candy Sleigh Squadron

A quick search through the beloved Family Fun site revealed some promising options like a candy north pole, a candy airplane, and the candy sleigh.

Red Box Candy Sleigh

The sleigh won. Thankfully, only one wanted gifts for his whole class. The other two just wanted a couple for good buddies. One little has “friends who are girls.” I was roundly corrected when I called them his girl friends and got to hear the whole “girlfriends vs friends who are girls” discussion from my little kids.  Sorta surreal.  They need to stop growing up.

White Box Candy Sleigh

The “friends who are girls” got the two bigger sleighs. Everyone else got the little matchbox ones. And I have a lot of new matches. A lot. Also, unused matchbox covers en masse. Ideas for these?

Candy Sleighs in Christmas Tree Formation

I also found out that the Santa Claus Squadron is incapable of arranging in any other way than the Christmas Tree Formation. 

How’s your Christmasing going?  I’m off to do whatever it was that I was supposed to do last night before we rerouted to candy sleigh making….


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urban craftNo Gravatar

I love these little sleighs! Awesome idea, yours are a wonderful little treat.


nurse anesthetistNo Gravatar

My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!


ElizabethNo Gravatar

Thanks so much, both of you!


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