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15 October, 2012

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Happy Monday, friends!

I love how this suzani looks a bit like a sampler, or the stylized page out of an amazing nature journal. Only 3 or 4 colors here, but such a variety of leaves and blooms!

Esther Fitzgerald Rare Textiles site says, “Dowry Embroidery Nurata/ Shakhrisyabz, Silk on cotton with bokhara couching, and tambour stitches. Date – 1840s.”

And this Indigo futon cover from Japan delights me for two reasons. One, I have a lot of old little boy jeans that need to become something. Two, I made some quilt patchwork squares today and one was in blues. Nothing like this of course, but now I’m even more inspired!

“Indigo Boro, made from indigo patches dating from the 19th century Futon cover, Japan “

More gorgeousness at Esther Fitzgerald’s Rare Textiles.

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