Bright Things: Pineapple Hawaiian Quilt

21 May, 2012

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Happy Monday, my friends!

I still have Hawaiian Quilts on the brain, so I thought I’d show you this gorgeous quilt by Stitch-N-Quilt on Etsy. The leaves! The pineapples! The batik!

Between making my Hawaiian Quilt inspired tea towels recently and then the gorgeous photos of Elsie’s Hawaiian trip, I’m now daydreaming about a trip to the islands that includes a combo of beach time, quilt making/buying, and action/adventure in the form of helicoptering over volcanos and surfing.

Ahhh, daydreaming. Not as unproductive as it sounds by the way…my daydreams become the motivation I need on Monday mornings to keep plugging away!

What daydreams spur you on at the start of new week?

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pamNo Gravatar

The pineapple quilt is gorgeous! I am in awe of anyone who can and will do something this complicated.Thank you for the link to the other views.

What gets me going on a Monday morning – (or any morning for that matter) a long quiet morning meander through my little garden, inspecting and discovering and enjoying. Sort of like smelling the flowers BEFORE the day begins and the flowers risk being forgotten!!

I take along my morning coffee and sip as I go. Highly recommended!


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