Bright Things: Map + Orange + Linocut = Love

3 May, 2011

in Bright Things

Hello and Happy Tuesday! You’ll indulge me in a little orange love, won’t you? I’ve seen this print around on Etsy for awhile, but when looking through linocuts the other day, fell for it all over again. That The Big Harumph cut out that whole map so well is amazing to me. The rest of her shop is full of other linocut & letterpress goodies too.

And as much as I love the last one for it’s great realistic detail, I love this one for it’s modern, graphic lines and making airport travel look good again. The United States Wanderlust Map is a stylized map based on the busiest airports in the US. Such a great idea! Like The Big Harumph, Boarding All Rows is full of other linocut goodness & drypoint prints.

And The Big Harumph & Boarding All Rows?  Vying for best shop names I’ve seen in a while!

Just in case, from Wiki:  Here’s what Linocut prints are, and here’s Drypoint.  Never be afraid to google when it’s so easy – I had to look up drypoint myself.

I hope you have a great day. I meant to tell you yesterday, thank you for visiting! It means a lot to me that you take the time to stop by for a moment with all the other news & blogs to occupy your time & the busy lives that you all must have. I’ll be back in a bit with the Anti-Trafficking Tuesday post.

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ChristineNo Gravatar

Thanks for sharing. Never knew how linocut prints were done.
Love the orange!!


ElizabethNo Gravatar

You’re welcome! Carving and printing with linoleum blocks is really fun. Dick Blick has a basic kit here if you want to see the supplies. Easy to find at local craft stores, too.


MandyNo Gravatar

Thanks for the explanation about drypoint. I had heard of it, but not understood how it was done.
I have made linocuts, but nothing as intricate as these. Such wonderful work.
Thanks for sharing.


ElizabethNo Gravatar

I haven’t either, but I hope, too. I may have to give drypoint a go sometime. Right now I’m starting to have fun with my own linocuts. :)


Erin Fickert-RowlandNo Gravatar

I am trying to get to the point where I can start playing with linocuts and prints (but I am not anywhere close right now!) I agree…very cool shop names! Thanks for sharing them with us!

Also, I appreciate your touching post from yesterday. I tried to leave a comment, but kept getting the “404″. I thank your brother and your family for his service! My brother was in Iraq for a year and his return home was such a wonderful day. I am sorry to hear about your son’s teacher and hope you all have a calm,peaceful day today. Best wishes!


ElizabethNo Gravatar

Thanks so much for the sweet reply. Will go back and look at that post – not sure what’s wrong there. He’s 9 yrs younger than me & by the time he left, I had kids, so I pretty much worried about him like a mother. I’m glad your brother is safe, too.

I’m playing around with some linocuts right now myself because I want to make some fabric by hand & digitally with that look. Let me know when you try it!


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