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28 March, 2012

in Bright Things

Good Day to you!

Macrame mini-ed?!Β  Yes!

So delicate and beautiful, the possibilities here are endless!

Picking only one color and using delicate knotting techniques we typically only use for friendship bracelets take the possibilities to a whole other level.

Where does this take your mind? How would you use this more delicate style of macrame?

Circa 1900-1920, England.

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pamNo Gravatar

I am finding it hard to actually believe this IS macrame. No macreme I ever did was this sweet and delicate and beautiful! Pot slings! that is what I made! Never occured to me to consider the technique for something this lovely. WOW!


Annika deGrootNo Gravatar

There’s been a resurgence of macrame lace in the past 10 years or so and there have been a few books written about it – including mine : “Micro-Macrame: 30 Beaded Designs for Jewelry using Crystals and Cords” which is available on Amazon, and works by Joan Babcock.
Additionally, there are several current books in Italian and French that deal with macrame proceeded on a diminutive scale, Anna Meloni is one author, Marie LeSueur is another
While macrame has been produced in several sizes in throughout history for the most part it has always been done on a small scale. It is considered a lace form.


Annika deGrootNo Gravatar

Ack! That typo “proceeded” was meant to read “produced”!
Anyway, google micro-macrame and see what comes up!


Annika deGrootNo Gravatar

Also I have a blog on it:


ElizabethNo Gravatar


Wow! Thank you so much for your comments and introducing me to a whole new bit of the craft world. I so look forward to exploring it!!


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