Bright Things: Happy October!

1 October, 2012

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Happy October, friends! A new month!

I recently saw these paintings full of glorious autumnal orange float by in my Pinterest stream and immediately loved both of them.

They have Fall written all over them.

This seascape by Sandy Ostrau is one of her many gorgeous mediations of the California coastline.

Even so, it captures the best of autumn here in Michigan too, though instead of poppies and ocean, I see maple trees and Lake Michigan.

Our best days are like this, full of colorful leaves on a crisp blue sky. Thankfully, we’ve had many of these days recently!

But to be fair, we have a lot of days like this. We’re between lakes, after all, so the storm clouds come. Sometimes it’s depressing. But if I can catch the beauty of a gloomy fall day like this painting by Amber Alexander, all will be well!

Whether our days are full of blue skies or gray, I look forward to enjoying art and craft here with you!

Anything capturing you, lately? I’d love to see what’s captivating you – please leave me some links in the comments!

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pamNo Gravatar

Sadly I have been too busy lately to visit my favorite blogs much less find the inspiration you have brought me with some of your recent posts. I am pretty much being held captive by hooks and needles and yarn and floss and thread ….. Thanks to you, I now have been captivated!


ElizabethNo Gravatar

That’s okay! I look forward to seeing all the results of that yarny, flossy goodness!!


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