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14 March, 2012

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I’m absolutely charmed by the bright, folksy look of the current Love stamps!

I have a long love of postal stamps and mail.

I used to love writing letters to my friends the way I love blogging to you now.

And my grandfather was a serious stamp collector and got me into it for awhile. It’s been fun to watch interest in real mail grow again.

The USPS site says:

“Working with art director Derry Noyes, award-winning illustrator José Ortega created an abstract garden of bright flowers, a butterfly, a strawberry, and doves, interlaced with vines that run from one stamp to another. Each prominent element of the design is in the shape of a heart. The deep blue background is reminiscent of a brilliant summer sky. The word “Love” sits atop each stamp.

Ortega said, “Garden of Love depicts the abundance of life, its generosity, whose spirit is to be shared by all its creatures. Love’s definition is broader than romantic love. Love is that colorful, full feeling you get when you enjoy being a part of and sharing in the generosity of life.”

Nice, right? I think my new dream is to one day design a stamp!

Here’s a great post on vintage stamps from Brazil and staying connected to the ones we love overseas at Fly.

Here’s my Par Avion board on Pinterest where I collect mail themed things I like.

And here’s a totally sweet graphic, vintage Hong Kong stamp that would make a stellar quilt.

Later, the easiest stamp craft ever!

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geek+nerdNo Gravatar

Oh my gosh – your Par Avion board is filled with beauty! The stamp rug! And the QUILT! SO COOL! I dig the little hanger project you did too. Sometimes it’s great to do a craft project that’s super insta-gratification. And the results were so nifty and personal to your kiddos.

I’ve been wanting to bust out the Mod Podge to do this:

With photos from this day:

Maybe I should get on ordering those photos and carve out some time in the next few weeks – you’ve inspired me :)


ElizabethNo Gravatar

Sarah, thanks. I LOVE mail themed stuff. You should totally do that with your photos – what a great memory! In triangles, no less. :)


Erin Fickert-RowlandNo Gravatar

These are beautiful! I will have to pick some up! I was recently inspired by the CraftyPod to start mailing some old fashioned letters- and I am reading a book all about Mail Art from the library… Of course, I haven’t had much time to start yet, but I just love the thought of sending out bright colored letters in the post! Thanks for sharing these, Elizabeth!


ElizabethNo Gravatar

You’re welcome, Erin!


pamNo Gravatar

Wow! Thanks to you I now know about these lovely little “love” stamps! I am completely enchanted with the folklore feel and look of the designs – definitely going to go and purchase a bunch of them!

We used to collect almost every new commemorative set that was printed – but not so much any more unless it is super outstanding. But the new love stamps are just perfect for cards and personal letters.

Thank you so much for bringing them to my attention.


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