Bright Things: Folk Rooster Cutting Board

25 May, 2012

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I'm not normally into roosters, but I couldn't pass up the amazing & cheerful folk cutting board! #folk

Hello, friends!

I love this folk cutting board I picked up at the thrift lately, isn’t he great?! 1961 it says. And I’m not even normally into the rooster stuff, but I couldn’t pass up those colors and lines.

Things have been quiet this week because…

1) I’ve been reading a lot.  Mainly about marketing.  Specifically, Marketing Yourself.  So good.  More on this later.
2) It’s been in the 80s and sunny and we are outside a lot.
3) Being outside a lot means that housework and business take up blogging time.

It will probably be a bit quiet next week, too. I’m not taking an official break, but I know I’ll be doing some making for a craft fair, more marketing reading, end-of-the-year school activities, and getting my mind/self/house ready for the summer.

How do I do what I need to do with the boys home all day? And still enjoy summer with them? Lots of planning methinks, and a good mix of independent play and family time.

I hope you are well!  Are you in the middle of transferring things and routines around for seasonal changes, too?

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geek+nerdNo Gravatar

Eeeek! I just love this – so cute. I am a giant sucker for midcentury housewares with illustrations on them.


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