Bright Things: Anu Tuominen’s Crochet Potholder Installation

25 April, 2012

in Crocheting & Knitting

From The Nordic Watercolor Museum’s website (via Google Translate):

“Anu Tuominen (f.1961), turns base, abandoned or neglected everyday objects, often found at flea markets, into a delicate art. She collects things, organizes, sorts and processes them to dissolve their original function and create something unexpected from the well-known. Things get a new life when Tuominen bars, radar, or hangs them up. Vascular, yarn, buttons, postcards, pens and other items are composed of various surprising combinations. Color and shape become a strong visual language where humor mixes with nostalgia. Anu Tuominen is one of the most acclaimed conceptual artists in Finland.”

Colorful crochet potholders. 

Creating something unexpected from the well-known. 

Humor mixing with nostalgia.

What’s not to love, right?

In my dream home that has endless walls to decorate, I now have my own installation of collected potholders covering the back wall of a high-ceilinged craft lounge with a wall of windows opposite. Ahh, dreams….

What does this make you think about? Dream about?

Many more wonderful photos at Anu Tuominen’s site here.
Tons more images to explore for yourself searching Anu Tuominen Images here.


janiceNo Gravatar


ElizabethNo Gravatar

Oh good, I’m so glad. :)

JustinaNo Gravatar

WOW! These create such a lovely affect! I’d love to do up a wall in my kitchen like this. Da-rooool.

ShawnaNo Gravatar

I have been wanting to design some crocheted wall art for the past few months. I would have never thought about using potholders. This would look awesome in my kitchen, matching my grape decor, in purple and greens- on a much smaller scale. Awesome idea! ?

ElizabethNo Gravatar

I think you should go for it!! And vintage grape potholders were definitely a thing if you like them. Go big or go home, I say! ;)

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