Bright Little Village Prints

26 October, 2012

in Fabric, Textiles, & Sewing


Do you remember those little houses I showed you ages ago?

And the ideas for a log cabin pillow?

Here are the prints! Yay!!

Let me know what you think!

They are not for sale on Spoonflower yet because I’m waiting for samples to make sure I know what I’m doing with the dpi and such. Once I’m sure they’re correct, I’ll put them up publically, too, in case you’d like some as well.

Happy Friday!

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pamNo Gravatar

Let us know when you have them available!!! Absolutely adorable fabrics.

So envious of your ability to be able to design at Spoonflower. I have a wonderful idea for an Advent Calendar but unfortunately I am too technically challenged!!!

I am thinking you should consider designing more! Really – this is a charming design.


ElizabethNo Gravatar

Thank you, Pam, that is wonderful encouragment! I am designing more, so I’m super glad you like these. :) I have been very tech challenged too and have learned in fits and starts. You can do it if you really want too!


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