Bright Little Things

6 December, 2011

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Bright Little Things

Hello, friends! How are you? I really want to know!

I’m feeling chatty because I’ve been doing a million things and just need a break to stop and talk! What have you been up to? Is the holiday season busy for you yet? Or are you still pushing along okay?

What you see above is some of what helps me keep chugging along. It’s basically my creative play. The Tunisian Crochet projects in the CraftSanity Magazine, the vintage and handmade shops- those things all take time. Lots and lots of time. Like, 3 times longer (10!?) than I remembered. And it’s all behind the scenes until the day they are released into the world. And they all have a million little steps. So. many. steps….

So, when I get frustrated by not being finished with something, I make something little. I never plan it. I just grab whatever is brewing in the back of my mind at the time.

I’d had the idea of trying mini God’s Eyes with toothpicks forever, and just had never done it.  I think I’ve seen others do it since the idea crossed my head.  Would you believe that as much as I love color and learning about global cultures and crafts, I’d never made Ojos de Dios??  Really.  So I grabbed some of my inherited embroidery floss and made one.  It was little. And a little hard. Duh.

So I made a bigger one in the same colors on the boys’ Popsicle sticks.  And then I wanted to try yarn, so I made another.  And then I wanted to do the opposite of what I always do and make an all white God’s Eye, so I did. Back on the toothpicks again.

bright little things

I liked my color combo so much on the floss eyes, that I tried a granny square.  I’d always wondered what crocheted embroidery floss would look like and what a floss granny would look like, so I made one.  I love it.  The slight sheen is great, and it feels wonderful.  Not the most economical though, for something bigger.

And then I made a small one with only 2 strands of the 6 strand floss.  Very cute, but more difficult than I’d normally want to deal with for something so small.

Another time I sliced a toilet paper tube down about 3/4′s of it’s side and taped it to make a cone.  Then I wrapped it in bulky green yarn leftover from a scarf.

Pam’s yarn wrapped cone trees are still in the back of my head and I want a little forest.  I’ve been saving more tubes and want to have a tree-making night with the boys.  Maybe I’ll even put a granny square on one. Though I might be the only person in the world who would like that!

Oh, and the fabric pine trees are a little experiment that I’m trying with fabric and contact paper.  That will be it’s own post soon!  Shiny penny up there thrown in for scale.

Working on a blog post #ojosdedios

By the way, I didn’t follow any directions for these things, though my eyes might look better if I’d had.  Pam has a great God’s Eye tutorial here, and a post on using them as frames (!) here.

One of the most satisfying things about making to me is the completion. You see a finished product. And unless it’s destroyed, that can’t be taken away from you.

Kind like getting a diploma.  Unlike say…cleaning a house. Or raising little people. One you have to do over and over again to maintain the status quo. And parenting doesn’t see results for 18-30 years, depending on the kid!

These bright little things help me get back to that joy of immediate gratification in craft during the longer projects that are as much work as play.

They never have any purpose but to try something I’ve been dying to do just to see what happens or if I like it.  That means I often have a lot of little bits and bobs I have no idea what do with.  The crochet motifs over the years…oh my.  These will probably become Christmas ornaments for us or gifts.

Do you remember to play?  Do you have to make yourself?  Schedule it?  Or are you like me, and you have to, just because?  How easy is it for you to play?


Other Things:

Have you been enjoying the Merry & Bright posts? I tried to up my game a bit with them this year with the series banner, better numbered collages, and more pieces.  I’d love to hear how I can make the series and the gift guides even better next year!  Thoughts?

Today I’m working on putting more vintage Christmas goodies into Things Bright, Vintage.  I’ve added a fabu folksy trim, and an unopened Christmas ornament kit so far – the kind with gold trim and beads/sequins!

I also made my first Etsy treasury in an age, Have Yourself a Folks Little Christmas. It includes pom poms, granny squares, twigs, and other things long time readers of this blog will not be surprised to see.

And – I sold my first Folk Fruit Christmas ornament today!  Hurrah!!

Oh, and one last thing!  If you are a long time lurker on this blog, today is the day to tell me!

Especially with all the questions I asked in this post – please talk back to me, otherwise I’m just babbling to myself.  And we all know what happens to those people….so save me from committal and at least say, “Delurking. Hello!”

Regular commentors, you say hello, too.

I’m going to compile a list and give you all a 10% off code so that anytime you may want to stop by the shops in the future, you can get a little thank you from me for being here this year!

Much love,



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chantalNo Gravatar

That color combo is really great. Oddly, I’ve never tried to make these either, maybe I’ll give it a try – I’m picturing small ones used as gift tags, and to be used as ornaments later.


ElizabethNo Gravatar

Ooh, those would be adorable gift tags!!


pamNo Gravatar

OK this is totally embarrassing. To realize how fast this month has passed by and how far behind i have become in reading my blogs. Dec. 6th. Are you serious? My only excuse to offer is that I set up a very ambitious holiday post schedule. But now i am on vacation! And I am catching up!

And so – THANK YOU for all the lovely links to my God Eyes posts and the yarn trees. You know, I never thought of them in this way, but you are right on target – as always – with your observation that it is little projects like these that are almost necessary diversions while engaged in those “big” projects that demand so much time and focus.

I for one KNOW how hard the very little god’s eyes are to make. So i can say with authority – well done!


ElizabethNo Gravatar

You are most welcome. And no worries. I wasn’t sit around waiting for thanks or attention, just honestly inspired. :) Your excuse is most excellent. The time you put into your Christmas posts is AMAZING and I have learned so much! We went to a Christmas around the world type display yesterday and I knew so much and it was all just from reading your blog these past 2 weeks!!

I live for the little, easy, just a glue gun projects as much as the this-took-me-a-lifetime-of-handstitching big ones!!

Thanks for the compliment on the wee God’s Eyes. :)


VickiNo Gravatar

Beautiful colour combinations! I whip up a pair of baby slippers for a little diversion and instant gratification. Or crochet a snowflake for my Christmas tree.


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